Review: The Women of Star Wars Rebels Episodes 1-4

I just started watching Star Wars Rebels, and I’ve got to say, it’s really good! It reminds me of Firefly, but set in the Star Wars universe.

Basically, the story starts with a kid seeing this group planning to steal something from the Empire, so he tries to steal some of it for himself. They fight off the Empire, then the kid has to escape with the rebel group. And, as you can probably guess, he ends up staying with them.


The cast of characters includes the kid, Ezra, described as the “street smart hero;” Kana, the “cowboy Jedi;” (Firefly, see!), Hera, the pilot; Zeb, the muscle; Sabine, the explosives expert; and Chopper, the grumpy astromech droid.

Without spoiling anything, one of the major things I like about the show is that it’s immediately engrossing. It drew me in instantly, and kept me interested. It did that by actually having characters who were deep and not stereotypes. I love the way the women are written. At almost no point is there even any reference to them being women. They do their jobs very well, and are just as good as the men on the crew.


I personally think Hera is the smartest person on that ship. She has a deep level of empathy for people, but at the same time thinks situations out logically. Whereas her partner, Kana, is a bit brash. Sure, he tries to think things out, but in one episode, even though another option was given, he decided to go with the first plan even though it could put them and other lives in danger.

Hera is also a damn good pilot. She can get them out of pretty much any situation against the Empire with her amazing piloting skills. Yeah, she’s pretty cool.


If I was watching the show when I was 14, my favorite character would totally be Sabine. She’s a little punk, and a whole lotta attitude. She doesn’t take shit from anyone, and has a great sense of mischief that really makes me happy. More than that, she truly kicks ass. As the demolitions expert, she’s the one who, in only a few episodes, has saved the group’s asses multiple times. Her use of tech and bombs is ingenious, and she’s super awesome at it.

The men are equally well-rounded characters. Even though Zeb is at first painted as this brute who deals with things with his fists, as you get to know him, you see his softer, much more compassionate sides. Kana is also a bit stoic at first, but again, within just a few episodes you see that he’s a multifaceted character. Ezra is definitely a teenage boy, but he’s not an annoying stereotype. Even though he’s impulsive, he does actually stop and think occasionally.


And boy do I love the astromech. The writers put a ton of character into that one little bucket of metal. It’s sassy, ridiculous, and hysterical.

Another touch that really made me love the show is that when the crew is in any kind of situation where the Empire could overhear, they use their code names religiously. It’s pretty subtle, and they don’t make a big deal of it, which is another thing I like. All-in-all, so far the show is well-written, engaging, and has awesome characters! I’d definitely recommend you check it out!

Score: A

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