Check Out Dungeon Nightmares II with Allahweh!

The first Dungeon Nightmares game was released last year, and sometime this year a mobile version was put out. I never actually played the original game, though I will admit to having watched a few Let’s Play videos on YouTube of it. All-in-all, it seemed like a creepy game, but watching it was enough for me. In a way, I kind of wondered if it was a basic, one-trick pony sort of deal.

This upcoming sequel by K Monkey, however, seems much deeper and better designed than the original. Here, you seem to be waking up in some rat-hole of a hotel and, at first, all the other rooms are locked. The only path you have is to take an elevator that leads down to – you guessed it – a dungeon! The atmosphere is very well-done,  and the film grain effect actually works well for this game. As you explore the dungeon, your goal (in addition to staying alive) is to locate the key to one of the other rooms and then find a working elevator to use to leave. What you find in the rooms is quite unsettling, and really made me not want to unlock any other doors, LOL.

The demo is short (about 30 minutes on a good run), but will give you an idea of what the game is like. So, check out my run through of it and follow the link in the video description to download your own copy today!

Tell us what you think!

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