Comic Review: Thor #1 – A New Era



Thor #1 is the much-anticipated debut of the new Thor, who happens to be a woman. I was so excited to read this that I bought it the day it came out, something I almost never do. I’ve also never read a Thor comic before, so I’ll be reading this series from that perspective too. The story so far is summed up nicely before the main action starts in a few paragraphs: Odin has been in a self-imposed exile for a while and has just returned to Asgardia, where Freyja has been ruling. Thor is now unworthy of the hammer because of something that Nick Fury whispered to him on the moon during a battle (comics are weird). I also didn’t realize that all Asgardians “speak” in a different font – that’s pretty cool.

The action starts on Midgard (earth), with scientists in a submarine being attacked by Frost Giants. Thor is continually attempting to pick up the hammer – and absolutely no one can, not even Odin himself. Speaking of, Odin is a massive jerk, even more so than in the movies. I love the tense dynamic that’s building between him and Freyja, and I’m hoping that Freyja will get her way over Odin soon. She doesn’t take any nonsense from him at all. It’s also weird for me as primarily a movie goer to see a white Nick Fury. Malekith the Accursed shows up on Midgard to wreak havoc, and he’s SUPER creepy. There’s some humor in this comic, but for the most part it tends toward a darker tone. The new Thor doesn’t show up until the last pages of the comic, but I absolutely got chills when she did. The page is simple but amazing.

I can’t WAIT for Thor #2!

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Russell Dauterman
Color Artist: Matthew Wilson
Cover Artist: Russell Dauterman and Frank Martin
Pages: 25
Price: $3.99
Buy it at Comixology, Marvel, or your local comic store!


9 thoughts on “Comic Review: Thor #1 – A New Era

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  8. Did you have any trouble making sense of the story having never read a Thor comic? Some people have said that there seems to be a lot of references to backstory that I know I wouldn’t get since this would be my first.

    • Hi Sierra! I didn’t have any trouble getting the backstory – there’s a BIG page of 3-4 paragraphs summing up what happened in the prior series. I felt like I was in a good place to know what had led up to the events of this story!

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