10 Topical Geeky Women Halloween Costumes

Need help figuring out what to be for Halloween this year? Well, why not grab a character, or a costume, that just came out this year?

1. Batgirl from the New 52 series of DC comics


Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, is getting a new creative team and they’ve given her a whole new, kick-ass look! Her costume design is freaking awesome, and totally makes sense for a girl who needs to do some fighting. The first comic comes out on October 8th, so your costume will be super hot off the presses.

2. Selena Kyle from Gotham


Gotham just recently premiered on Fox, and it’s basically the origin stories of Commissioner Gordon and the villains from the Batman universe. Selena Kyle, aka Cat Woman, is pretty cool so far. She’s a scrappy street kid, and you could probably throw this costume together with mostly pre-made items. So if you’re like me and you don’t have much in the way of sewing or crafting experience, this could be a perfect costume!

3. Ellaria Sand from Game of Thrones


Season four of Game of Thrones wrapped up this year, and Ellaria Sand was an awesome character. She’s sensual and dangerous, and the paramour of Oberyn Martell of Dorne. This is a bit of easy and a bit of hard. The shiny gold bikini top would be easy to get, but you’d definitely need to make yourself her open dress, so this is a bit more of a challenge for Halloween.

4. Sansa Stark’s new dress from Game of Thrones


Sansa has usually been a very timid character, but she’s now come into her own, and the transition was marked very clearly by her new dress that she makes to present herself to Littlefinger.

5. Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill


Ryuko is the main character from Kill la Kill. She’s driven by her urge to find out who killed her father and avenge him. She also wants to take back the second half of her scissor blade, which her father created. Her outfit is made with “life fibers,” is sentient, and actually transforms. There are two forms: the less revealing, and the very revealing, so definitely choose whichever one makes you the most comfortable.


6. Katniss Everdeen from Mockingjay


I freaking love Katniss from The Hunger Games trilogy. She’s troubled, but she always attempts to do the right thing and protect her loved ones. Yes, the movie isn’t out yet, but we’ve already gotten glimpses of her upcoming costume for the film. So why not use it?

7. Effie Trinket from Mockingjay


I really love what they’ve done with Effie in the movies. She’s come to life, and her character is so incredibly nuanced. Effie is a part of the team, and from the pictures they’re released, she’s given up the majority of the Capitol fashions. She’s managed to keep some of the Capitol flavor though, making her uniform her own. And on the plus side, it’s a really easy costume! You can just throw this one together for an awesome Halloween.

8. Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition


The new Dragon Age game comes out in November, and I am so incredibly excited about it. I love these games. The story is so amazing, it’s like I’m reading a book where I’m the main character. Sera is an impulsive elven archer, and her costume is really cool.

9. Vivianne from Dragon Age: Inquisition


Vivianne is the “Lady of Iron.” She’s a leader of the mages and the official enchanter for the Imperial court. She’s a badass woman who’s gotten very far in life using her guile and deft political maneuvering.

10. Your Destiny character


And finally, the video game Destiny is a huge hit. If you play, you could always dress up as your character. Or if you haven’t gotten a chance to play yet, you could dress up as one of the raid sets, or one of the characters in the story. Here’s an example of a raid set, but there are so many awesome pictures and examples all over the internet.

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