Comic Review: Thor #4 – Thor vs. Thor!


“I must go and find my goats.” 

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“The Odinson is back. And he clearly doesn’t like that someone else is holding his hammer. You know what that means, right? Thor vs. Thor!”

Last time, “So a dark elf, a minotaur, and the new Thor walk into a bar. Except instead of a bar, it’s a secret vault containing the skull of a giant king that has the power to plunge the ten realms into war. What could go wrong? Well, plenty. Chiefly: the disgraced Thor Odinson showed up too. And he really wants that hammer back.”

The issue begins with a flashback that follows Thor right after the loss of his arm. Odin has no sympathy for him, which doesn’t surprise me; comic Odin is even more of a jerk than movie Odin. Many of the dwarves forged a new arm from him in the same forge where Mjölnir was created, and Screwbeard (the dwarf who delivers it) says that the arm will be here long after the stars turn to dust. It seems like a HUGE output of labor for just one arm, but I guess when you’re the God of Thunder, people will do stuff for you. Thor’s interaction with Lady Thor (I knew this would be a weird review to type up) is VERY stubborn; he is single-minded in wanting to get Mjölnir back. The fight between the two is quite intense, especially when the frost giants involve themselves in the mix. I won’t spoil the outcome of the fight, but the ending of this issue is excellent and, again, makes me want the next one immediately.

Also…Spider-Man shows up?

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Russell Dauterman
Cover by: Russell Dauterman
22 pages
Get it on
Comixology, Marvel Digital, or at your local comic shop for $3.99.

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