A Beautiful Fairy Tale of a Game – Child of Light Review

Child of Light (developed and published by Ubisoft) has had heaps of anticipation and expectations placed on its small shoulders. Does this downloadable game live up to the hype or disappoint?

Official trailer:


You play as Aurora, a princess who mysteriously falls asleep and is whisked away from her home. After waking up, she learns she must save the kingdom of Lemuria from darkness and help her ailing father along the way.

Graphics and Sound

Child of Light is truly a beautiful work of art. Created using the UbiArt Framework engine, Child of Light looks like a watercolor painting that has been freshly painted onto your screen. Each location is more gorgeous than the last, and the player will explore ruins, lively towns, and under the sea, just to name a few locations. Each character is highly detailed and exquisite to look at.

This game also has a beautifully touching, emotionally stirring score. Each piece of music perfectly punctuates the situation it has been applied to. Audio cues are also on point and well implemented, such as the sound of Aurora’s crown falling off in battle or when the characters “speak.” Every second and fourth line of dialogue rhymes, adding an unusual twist to typical banter between teammates.


A side-scrolling RPG, this game is truly a joy to play. Control inputs are precise and flying is smooth and Aurora is easy to maneuver. Controlling Igniculus, Aurora’s companion, simply requires moving the right analog stick. Child of Light is a loving throwback to old-school Final Fantasy games, with a battle system that is easy to learn but requires thought and preparation to truly master. The menu system is easy enough to control, but crafting can be convoluted and the game offers no instruction on how to create new items. This is a small gripe for such a wonderfully unique game, though. Overall, this game has an excellent control scheme and is a joy to immerse yourself in.

Final Thoughts

Child of Light is an eye-wateringly beautiful, unique game, and it offers a fresh shot in the arm for the RPG genre. With a touching story, amazing graphics, simple controls, a stirring soundtrack, and a play time between ten to twelve hours, this is a truly marvelous work of art. There’s also a lot of replay value, since there are so many side quests and collectibles to find. This is definitely worth a download to the console of your choice, even if you usually don’t enjoy RPGs.

Score: A+

Child of Light is available to purchase on PSN, XBLA, the Nintendo eShop, and Steam for $14.99. Check out the official site, and follow the team on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Fairy Tale of a Game – Child of Light Review

  1. Cool! I saw this game on the PS4 console and I thought it looked beautiful! Now I know that I need to go buy it! Especially because I love RPGs! Thanks lady for the awesome review!

    • Also I totally just bought it and started playing it. It’s so good! I love that my boyfriend and I can play it together! He controls the firefly and I’m Aurora!

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