[Video + Mini Review] Drawn: The Painted Tower – A Worthy Adventure

Every now and then, someone awesome reaches out to me and asks me to take a look at one of their games. A couple weeks ago, a representative for Big Fish Games reached out to me with the opportunity to select any one game of my choice and redeem a free digital copy from their website for the purposes of playing and reviewing it. Since this wasn’t for a particular game, but any of the games in their ever-growing library, I suspected it was simply in an effort to get more current exposure out there for the company.

So, I selected a game that was released on December 11, 2009 called Drawn: The Painted Tower. I knew absolutely nothing about the game, yet what “drew” me to it (yep, that was bad!) was the unique art style and the interesting story. I also knew that the company had a tendency to make some interesting point-and-click adventure games that revolved around puzzles, problem solving, and hidden object finding, and I did have some experience with the earlier entries in their Mystery Case Files series, so this game seemed interesting to me.

The video included with this mini-review shows the first unabridged hour of gameplay that I spent with the game, and all-in-all, I think it was a pretty fun, solid experience. I wasn’t sure what I expected going in, but the story was interesting, I really liked the little tidbits of plot found throughout the exploration of the tower via notes and other dialogue, and I thought the worlds created were colorful, fun, inventive, and sad all at the same time. The beauty in the game lies in a story that is told, but much of it is based on your experiences. So much of the game feels like it is simply part of a world around you, and this creates an air of mystery about it. Perhaps, though, this is what was intended, and it certainly results in a game that’s more than just a game — this game is an adventure.

The game does have a few bugs (sometimes it has trouble minimizing during play when desired, and at other times feels slightly counter-intuitive in places), but these don’t mar a pretty solid score.

The game was a lot of fun for me to play, and I actually had a lot of fun recording it as well. I think it’s a game I would love to revisit and do a full Let’s Play series on, possibly even doing it live on Twitch. Also, here’s some more good news: The Painted Tower is the first entry in a (so far) three-part series, so if you enjoy this game (currently only $2.99 USD as a direct digital purchase), you can pick up the others and continue the story!

Final Score: B+

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