What to Wear to Con Parties (Non-Cosplay) GIVEAWAY!

Con season is in full swing, so many folks are preparing their cosplay and costumes. But what if you’re not really skilled at cosplay or just not into it? What can you wear to the parties and events to still show your geeky pride, without actually cosplaying?

Lots of things! From casual cosplay to inspired-by looks to simply accessorizing appropriately, there are ways both loud and quiet to announce your geek cred.

I’ve put together three outfits to give you an example of how I go about staying stylish and nerdy at all those con parties I attend (I go for the free booze and cheese…they usually have cheese at these things).

1.) Buy part of your outfit to create a Star Trek look!

Sometimes the easiest way to put together an outfit is to buy part of a costume and then adjust it to be as casual or dressy as you like! This look is inspired by my recent trip to PAX East, which was freezing cold! I was really wishing for some warmer (but still sexy) party gear.

sarah the rebel uhura costume

I chose the Uhura costume from the new Star Trek movies from CostumesSupercenter and added leggings, boots, and a belt to take away from some of the costume-ness of the look. I also used medium-length earrings and a high ponytail to keep the modern Uhura flavor.

Now I not only have a wonderfully geeky party look, but I also have most of an Uhura costume if I ever DO want to cosplay someone from Star Trek.

2.) Accessorize to create a Star Wars look!

My Star Wars look was inspired by May the 4th, which was this weekend. I bought this dress from Hot Topic, of all places, but you can find tons of geek-inspired fashion nowadays from sites like Black MilkLiving DeadForever 21 and Her Universe. Find a centerpiece (such as a dress or shirt) and begin pairing appropriate nerdy accessories to complete the outfit.

sarah the rebel star wars

To match the Death Star theme of the dress, I chose a grey belt that has a rounded shape (which reminded me of the sphere), as well as some spherical earrings ‘cuz that’s no moon! Next, I found some metallic grey shoes, because they make me think of machines, and voila: super Star Wars look without the hard work.

If you want to really sass up the look, use the tip I found on the CostumeSupercenter website to create some awesome Princess Leia hair to go with a Star Wars-themed outfit!

Finally, I recommend the Nebulae nails from Espionage Cosmetics. They’re easy to put on and are pictures of actual nebulas, adding some space nerd cred to your reportoir.

3.) Be low-key in this GLaDOS look!

Worried about affording specifically geeky items? Never fear, you can always create a look inspired by your favorite characters instead! I got this idea from Console to Closet, who puts together tons of looks for different video game characters.

sarah the rebel glades

My inspiration was GLaDOS, the antagonist from Portal who is mostly off-white/gray, with black, yellow, and red highlights. Her “eye” is yellow, so I added yellow eyeshadow, red eyeliner and red lipstick as a strict call out (and I would recommend red nailpolish, both because of the highlight color and because she’s a stone cold killer!). I chose metallic silver again because the metallic cover really makes me think of robots, and I like the shape of this dress because it reminds me of the shape of GLaDOS’s head.

Speaking of someone’s head, I went with a “business lady” bun because GLaDOS is all business, except for the psycho bits.

If you have any Companion Cube or Aperture Science-themed accessories, add them away, but I didn’t, so this is a strictly inspired look. I did add a video game controller necklace from Geek Glamorous and my D-pad earrings from Sanshee to hint at the hidden nature of my outfit. I also kept my accessories black to call back to her black wires. Will anyone at the party ever guess I’m dressed as GLaDOS? Definitely not, but I’m still proud of the outfit!

Now it’s your turn!

Want to make your own look? Enter our giveaway with Costume Supercenter and you can win a costume of your choice (up to $75) to get started! Visit our Facebook page to enter now.

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