Geek Fashion: Forever 21’s Bats and Cats Collection!

bats and cats

Forever 21 recently released a collection inspired by Catwoman and Batman. This is awesome, considering how difficult or expensive it is to find nerdy clothing tailored for a girl’s body.

Since it’s Forever 21, the pricing is not catastrophic. The most expensive item on the collection is the Standout Bat Jacket for $42.50.

The collection includes items such as sweaters, caps, backpacks, and nail polish.

Here are reviews for a few of the items:

Going Batty Ring Set

Bat rings 1

The set includes three bat-shaped rings of different colors and sizes for $4.80. If you want to wear them all on the same finger, I would suggest you go up a size larger than you normally would. The bats are of good quality; they won’t fall off, but expect the rings to rust after a couple of months.

Everyday Batman Ring

bat ring 2

This includes a thick bat ring, priced at $4.80. The ring is a bit heavier than it looks, but it doesn’t feel heavy on your finger. On the contrary, the ring feels secure; it won’t fall. It comes in different sizes as well. It fits snugly on the finger and is of higher quality than the previous rings.

Bold Batman Two-Finger Ring


This one comes in S/M (6-7) or M/L (7-8) ring size and costs $5.80. The bat looks like it has those sewer cover markings. It’s a bit heavy, and in this one you can feel a bit of the weight. If one your fingers is skinnier than the other, you’ll feel the weight on that finger. It will also feel looser on that finger. The ring on the left is a bit larger, so make sure to measure your fingers accordingly.

Bat Parade Faux Leather Crossbody


The price for this bag was $21.80. The main problem with this bag is that it’s a lot smaller than pictured. It will fit essentials like credit cards, driver licenses, etc. A small wallet fits, but not much else. The chain is also quite short; however, the quality of it is superb. The faux leather is soft and the quilting is thick, and the bats are secure in the bag. It’s a great bag for a night out when you don’t have much to carry.

Bejeweled Batman Cropped Tee


This shirt, priced at $13.80, is true to size. The bejeweled bat sign is of good quality, and the beads are stuck to the shirt. This shirt is soft and stretchy, but be cautious about what you lean against or wear on top of it. The little cotton balls from other clothing items stick to it, and they’re noticeable if what you’re wearing on top is of a lighter color than the shirt. This might become an issue when you’re washing it, so be careful what you include in the washer with it. Also, if you don’t want your stomach showing, you can always wear it with a tank top or thermal underneath.

Favorite Bat Sweater


It’s a longer, looser sweater. It was $24.80. If you’re looking for a tighter, shorter fit, you should go down a size. The sweater is soft, and you can pair it with various items like thermals and polo shirts, or you can wear it by itself. A future problem, however, is that it might stretch out on the sides or the sleeves. Overall, it’s a nice sweater for those days when you don’t feel like dressing up.

Interested? Check out more from the Bats & Cats Collection!

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