The Ten Scariest Nail Art Designs for Halloween

We adore nail art at NBF! And now that it’s October, we have Halloween on our minds.There is a good amount of cute, Halloween-themed nail art out there, but when it comes to Halloween I like things that are scary. So, I went on the hunt and found the ten scariest nail art designs out there. They are ordered from “just a tiny bit scary” to “SOMEONE HOLD ME!”

Check them out below:

Zombie Nails

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 2.02.52 PM

These zombie nails are a little bit cutesy, but they’re still zombies, so it’s still a little scary. 😉 Via Did My Nails.

Frankenstein Nails


Well, really, this would be Dr. Frankenstein’s monster’s nails. Sorry to be the buzzkill who points that out; I love the book! I can’t help it! These are a bit cutesy too, but the monster looks angry in them, so it counts. Via

Nightmare on Elm Street Nails


I love that this artist combined dripping blood and the iconic stripes on Freddy’s sweater. Via Rambles of a Nail Polish Addict.

Friday the 13th Nails


More blood and iconic imagery, this time from Friday the 13th with a Jason Voorhees mask. Via Starfish on the Beach.

Vampire Teeth


A twist on other vampire nails I’ve seen, this nail art focuses on just the mouth. Look at those fangs! Via Polish and Pearls.

Blood Eyeball Nails


Another one from Polish and Pearls. Creepy, bloodshot eyeballs? Check!

Vampire Bites


I like the detail of one nail having vampire bite marks. The craftsmanship on those bite marks is pretty amazing, too. Also, instead of blood dripping from the tips, the drips are on the opposite end, as if they’re coming from the “bite victim.” Cool! Via Nails by Kayla Shevonne.

Brain Nails


Honestly, if I look at these too long, I feel a little sick. But that means they are fantastic for Halloween! Sonoma Nail Art added Hello Kitty to these nails, but I like them better with just the brains.

The Thing Nails


And the most scary of them all, The Thing nails by Kayleigh O’Connor. Kayleigh is a very talented nail artist, and her creations are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Are they practical designs? No, but they are mind-blowing, and this particular nail art design is pretty terrifying! Now I want to watch the movie. 😀


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