Comic Review: Serenity #1 – Best Gorram Comic This Year!

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1 — I can’t tell you how excited I am for this series. Thank you, Zach and Joss! This is the story us Firefly fans have been waiting for. Your favorite sci-fi story has returned, finally.

The crew is in danger after the announcement of the Alliance’s crimes. So, where exactly are they? What’s happening with Jayne? How’s River and the pregnant Zoe? All those questions you have about what happened and what’s going on are finally answered. I will leave you with that.

I felt all those feelings I was left with after Serenity while reading this. Zach Whedon did a fantastic job writing this story, and Jeanty’s art really looks nice on this ‘verse. I’m really happy with the direction that Zach went with the story. I was hoping that the characters would look more like their TV counterparts, but the art is so nice, I can’t complain. Though we don’t know too much after only the first issue, it’s a really great feeling to get more story. A lot of things are addressed though, and once again, we get thrown into the wonderful Firefly ‘verse. Man, did it really pull on my heartstrings…ugh. I honestly don’t have a single complaint about this issue. It was packed with a great continuation, a lot of feeling, and a couple of things to lighten the mood. Did I mention that Serenity still has all of the things we loved about the series/movie? Well, it does.

I really hope that those of you who read this love it as much as I did. Firefly fans, this is a great gift that we’re receiving! Go get it ASAP at your local comic shop. Or, if you live in a strange town that doesn’t have a comic shop, then you can order it straight from Dark Horse.

[Disclaimer: A review copy was provided for me to review this comic.]

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