Trailer for Geek and Sundry’s New Show, Caper

Tuesday night, Geek and Sundry had a preview party and panel to showcase their new show Caper. I told all of you about the show a little while ago in this article, but here’s a recap.

Caper is about four superheroes living together, but even though they do awesome superhero-y things, they can’t manage to make rent. Apparently, being the good guys doesn’t pay. So, instead of getting normal people jobs, they decide to pull off a heist. Oh, and it’s a comedy.


The show’s creators and actors were all at a comic store in Los Angeles for the screening of the trailer of the show, and to answer questions. Caper is created by Amy Berg (Eureka, Person of Interest) and Mike Sizemore (Precision, Howl’s Moving Castle stage adaptation), and stars Harry Shum, Jr. (Glee), Beth Riesgraf (Leverage), Abby Miller (Justified), and Hartley Sawyer (Glory Daze).

Interested? So am I! So check out the trailer:

Geek and Sundry is a company run by geek icon Felicia Day that produces tons and tons of original, nerdy content on YouTube. They’re pretty awesome.

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