Extra-Life 2014 and the GEEKs!


Last year’s last-minute Holiday 2013 Extra Life charity event (where myself, Aristeia, and Jeremy Stratton live-streamed Terraria) was a success, considering how little time we ultimately gave ourselves to prepare. We raised 110% of our projected goal, and we had a lot of fun doing it. In the time since then, I’ve been casually talking with them to gauge their interest in what we could do for 2014, and now that Extra Life has already started its 2014 sign-ups, we finally came to a decision.

The plan for 2014 is to basically have a team and to do charity events all throughout the calendar year, concluding around the holidays. In fact, I already paid the nominal fee to set up a platinum-level team with ExtraLife. Each of us will be doing our own live streaming throughout the year, appearing on each other’s streams and doing collaborative efforts, and getting together for pre-arranged charity streaming sessions. All of this, not just the pre-planned sessions, will be done with Extra Life in mind. I set a personal and team goal of a modest $200, which is the minimum you can set for a platinum-tier team. What I think we’ll do is play whenever we want, and then later set official charity drives where we push to see if we can surpass our goal (first, the initial $200). Once this tier is surpassed, we’ll then raise the bar to a second level and repeat the process, ultimately hoping to raise a lot of money by the end of the year.

If donating money to a great cause such as the Children’s Miracle Network isn’t enough, the highest donor in each tier will be awarded a special surprise gift from us. This will most likely be something gaming-related!

The team we set up is called Allahweh’s GEEKs, with GEEK standing for “Gamers Entertaining Everyone for Kids.” It might be kind of cheesy, but I think it’s a fun name! This team currently consists of me, Warren Bennett, Jeremy Stratton, Aristeia, and both Nerdy But Flirty and Button Smashers Blog have been invited to participate. Others are certainly welcome!

So, you are highly encouraged to check us out and donate throughout the year as your personal situation allows. There is no pressure, of course, and ultimately I just want people to have fun when they tune in to watch some gaming. That’s ultimately what this is about after all, right?

You can find my personal Extra Life 2014 page here (click “Support” to donate): Allahweh’s Extra Life 2014 Page

You can find the Allahweh’s GEEKs team page right here: Allahweh’s GEEKs 2014 Extra Life Team

Tell us what you think!

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