‘Tis the Season to Love Yogscast


The holidays are not only a time for receiving, but for giving, which is exactly what Yogscast did.

For those of you who don’t know, Yogscast is a YouTube channel that originated in the UK; a channel that now includes 18 other channels. It’s filled with creative and dedicated gamers who work hard to provide viewers with entertaining gaming content.

Yogscast had a charity drive in December. Gamers would appear nightly on Twitch throughout December, and would offer things such as game bundles and game accessories to people who donated certain amounts of money.

Such nightly dedication did not go unrewarded. Though they had originally aimed for £300,000, the gaming community displayed tremendous generosity and helped raise over double that amount, totaling over £700,000 ($1,156,799.80). This money will be split among five charities: War Child,  Little People UK, GamesAid, Special Effect, and Oxfam.

Stories like these remind me of why I’m proud to be a gamer. The amount of dedication Yogscast displayed in doing nightly livestreams (during the holiday season, mind you) so that they could raise money for charity is absolutely inspiring. And to see the gaming community respond so generously to their efforts, despite the very expensive time of the year that is the holidays, is a great boost to my faith in humanity.

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