Allahweh’s Domain Turns Three!


Back in January of 2011, I started Allahweh’s Domain mainly as an experiment. Over the years, various friends of mine had suggested that I create a place where I could write about some of my gaming experiences and document all the various theories and ideas I had swimming around in my head. In the past, I debated the concept of forming an actual blog, but three years ago the timing just felt…right. I was kind of looking for something good to spend time on, since I was effectively between games and had other things going on back then, and what started out as an experiment grew into so much more.

In January of 2012, The Gaming Goddess podcast kicked off its first season, marking the next stage in this site’s history. Soon, season five of the podcast will be getting started, which goes to show you how another small experiment has turned into something decently popular and a lot of fun to produce. In 2012, I also got into the world of Let’s Play videos, doing playthroughs of modern (I played through all of The Witcher!) and retro, and this has continued into the present.

Last year marked the beginning of my efforts in live-streaming through Twitch, which I’ve come to enjoy quite a bit. In December of 2013, I even did a small charity marathon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network via the Extra Life Charity, and not only did we meet the goal, but we exceeded it, with a total of 110% of our aim raised!

To say that this site wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of all of you who are reading this would be an understatement. All of you who have worked to encourage me over these past three years have worked wonders for this site. It’s always great when you guys comment on a podcast you enjoy, drop in and chat with me as I do some live-streaming, or shoot me a fan mail e-mail. And, thankfully, I have some awesome affiliates who have helped out more than they even they realize, including (but not limited to): Nerdy But Flirty, The Button Smashers BlogRandom Thoughts, and Just One MMOre.

I would be remiss to not thank you all here at Nerdy But Flirty in particular, as NBF has been hosting the podcast for a while and has been very liberal with promoting all sorts of unique articles. This is a great group to be a part of, and I really appreciate it!

Thanks for everything, and let’s make the times to come even more awesome!

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