The Legend of Korra Continues: Episode 9 Review

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This episode was just meh. It was a lot of build up in regards to Korra. She FINALLY goes to Tenzin for help, and they basically spend the whole episode trying to get into the spirit world. Predictably, Tenzin can’t get into the spirit world, and it’s in fact his daughter who needs to be Korra’s guide. (Also, totally got to that scene in the opening where Korra bends evil spirits into good) Though I will say, I did appreciate that Korra admits she was wrong and asks for help. That’s a step forward for her.


We also see at the end that Unalaq is totally working with the dark spirit (no duh) and that he’s not having any luck opening the other spirit portal. Oh, and in true villain fashion, he doesn’t care at all when his kids get hurt; he just wants what he wants.

Also, Mako, like an idiot, totally goes to his friends Asami and Bolin and tells them his suspicions about Varrick while they are all standing in Varrick’s studio. What the hell? How could Mako think that Varrick wouldn’t have people listening and watching everything that everyone does?! I mean, really.


I was actually a little surprised that Asami didn’t see that Varrick basically owns her company now, and isn’t her partner. I thought she was smarter than that. I mean, it makes sense why Bolin doesn’t want to listen to Mako’s suspicions. Bolin has always been second fiddle to Mako, and now he’s finally getting to be a star. So, of course, he’s not going to want to think ill of Varrick, the guy who made him a star. But Asami? Really?

Predictably, Varrick brings in Mako and threatens the safety of Asami and Bolin. He basically says that if Mako doesn’t join his “security force,” then who knows what could happen to Asami and Bolin. Mako, again being a bit of an idiot, doesn’t quite get the implications of what Varrick is saying, says no, and storms out.


Varrick promptly sets up Mako to take the fall for stealing Asami’s goods – and Asami is in doubt about Mako’s innocence! What the hell? Haven’t they known each other for a long time? Is Varrick slipping everyone drugs? And why does Chief Bei Fong believe these horrible things about Mako? Also, it’s totally obvious that those two cops are actually the dirty ones. God, be more obvious.

So yeah, all-in-all, the episode was pretty meh for me – just a little annoying and kind of dumbed-down. I hope the next one is more action-packed and less dumb.

Score: C+

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8 thoughts on “The Legend of Korra Continues: Episode 9 Review

  1. I know I’m not the best person to articulate this, but I want to touch on some parts of this review I disagree on. Korra herself was amazing this episode. Not only did she finally learn how to spirit-bend those dark spirits, but she was patient all throughout Tenzin’s stubbornness. She has come so far from the brash girl she started out as in Season 1. (But she’s still Korra. She isn’t a meek, tame girl – that just isn’t her. She’s confident, physical, and has a sense of justice.)

    Korra’s behavior this season was totally understandable, even if it seemed extreme. Tenzin was a major part of the reason why Korra was holed up in a compound for most of her life, so of course she had a right to be angry with him, even if she was wrong to work for Unalaq. It’s just that Unalaq was able to successfully stop the dark spirits while Tenzin couldn’t do anything, so Korra believed it was best to train under Unalaq at the time. But I love Korra and Tenzin’s relationship. They’re like family and stick out for each other despite the rough patches.

    Mako may not be as much of an idiot as you think he is. He totally understands what Varrick’s implying about Bolin and Asami (hello, he knows Varrick’s up to no good in the first place) and just wants to defy him to show he’s not scared of him. But Mako’s also not a seasoned officer or detective so he’s gonna make a lot of mistakes when it comes to investigating. Lin has a duty to uphold the law, so she won’t tolerate Mako doing things wrong. That’s why she’s so harsh on him, but I’m also hoping for Lin and Mako working together behind the scenes.

    I have no idea what the writers will do about Mako and Asami’s situation, but there should be more to it than just Mako having left over feelings for Asami as a rebound from Korra, because that would be awful. But I don’t think that badly of the writers, so they must have something more in store for us. I really like the show so far, so I felt like defending it haha. But I do understand how frustrating it seems right now!

    • I have to disagree with you! I think Korra did fine in this episode mostly because she felt bad for the way she acted the last time she saw Tenzin… but that doesnt mean she’s grown or learned anything before she was literally hit in the head and reprogrammed.

      For example, after she escaped the Water Tribe, she was still hot headed about it definitely being water benders blowing up the building and she KICKED OVER MAKO’S DESK at work. She was out of control. Now, what has happened since that? She got eaten and then we didn’t really see her for three episodes. So no, I can’t say that’s growth. And I also saw absolutely zero growth in her from season 1, specifically because the lessons she learns only seem to last one or two episodes, and then she goes right back to making her same mistakes again. The first season could have just not even have happened for all the growth ANY of the characters saw.

      • Yeah, I agree. Not much growth at all, which has made the series increasingly more frustrated. I was just noting that maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel? We shall see! ❤

      • Yeah, I also found it pretty annoying that she did those things, but I read a post on tumblr that really helps with understanding where Korra’s coming from.

        From this tumblr post:

        “Korra learned that there’s more to her than being the Avatar. Unfortunately, she learned it right at a time in which she was forced to choose between being a good Avatar (whatever the heck that means in the current situation!) and being a good Korra (both by understanding what she wants as a person and by protecting the people closest to her), so it just caused even more trouble.
        She was never meant to learn patience or respect or humility in Book 1. All she learned was that she was a valuable individual who cared about other people, Avatar or no, which is a good foundation for the other stuff to be built on, but is very much not those other things. (There’s a reason why Endgame Korra was still impatient, cocky, and uninterested in counsel from authority figures)
        The way she treats others isn’t right, but it’s understandable given what’s been done to her. And I will argue until I turn blue in the face that Tenzin and Tonraq deserved her anger for locking her up for thirteen years, whether she went about expressing it the right way or not, because it’s their own fault that she’s messed up enough to treat people that way in the first place. =P”

      • That’s a fantastic explanation! I definitely get why she’s so angry with them for caging her all those years. They did things “for her own good,” all under what they ASSUMED was her own good and never consulted her. Which is horrible.

        And I’m excited by the fact that there are going to be two more seasons, which implies that they plan on having her do a lot more growing. She is after all a teenager, and lord knows I was moody and not the most reasonable as a teen. It’s just rough to experience in a TV show sometimes!!!

        Thank you so much for commenting! I love seeing other people’s perspectives on the show! I’m definitely having a love/annoyance relationship with it. But I’m excited for the new episodes and I’m excited to see what they do with the next two seasons!

    • Totally valid points! I think at this point I’m just judging it more harshly than in the beginning because I’m becoming frustrated. I definitely have hope that the series will wrap up well!

      I definitely hope Mako and Lin work together. What makes me frustrated is that the whole series all she’s been is harsh to Mako. She’s not even willing to entertain his ideas, which doesn’t seem like her.

      And I love that Korra is strong and confident, I just hate it when she is bull-headed and refuses to listen to other people’s thoughts and feelings.

      I really really hope it gets better!!

  2. I”m a Bei Fong fan, so I’m holding out hope that she and Mako anticipated this and working together. It’s a pretty thin shred of hope.

    It would be easy to cop-out and just say “look, Korra is a kids show, so it’s okay” but Korra (and Last Airbender before it) has shown a real level of sophistication that pleases adults and kids, so I kind of expect things not to be so inconsistent (like Asami’s reaction, or Bei-Fong not keeping a suspicious eye on the dirty cops.)

    I’m a big softie, so I don’t know if I’d hit it with a C+, since I enjoyed the episode more, but I respect where you are coming from.

    • Haha, yeah. I think my overall grade was heavily influenced by how inconsistent the whole show has been. At this point I’m a little fed up!

      I’m going to keep watching it, and I really hope they pull it all together in the last couple of episodes. I mean they already have committed to another two seasons, so I hope they shape up!!!

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