Indie Van Game Jam Kickstarter

Indie games are a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry nowadays. Indies are proving to be viable options to big name titles and are garnering loyal fans. Developers of indies have smaller teams, but are producing fun and amazing games. The two man team of Binary Solo wants to shed more light on the indie game scene by making games on their own and traveling around to ask other indie developers how they make their games.


Chad Stewart and Zeb West live in Austin, Texas. The duo plans to travel around to create a web series in hopes of promoting indie game culture to budding developers and fans alike. They want to get inside the scene to show the “do-it-yourself” atmosphere of indies. They’ll tour around North America to several indie companies, such as the Indie Game Collective in Boston, KLEI Entertainment in Canada, and several others. They’ll also ask these developers a few questions to get their insights on the development of independent games.

They already have a teaser episode, featuring Stoic Games in Austin, TX:

Chad and Zeb want to have an eight episode mini-series, similar to this one, with the various developers. But that’s not all! The pair also plan to create eight, small games (called “game jams”) that will be available to download at the same time the episode airs. Back the project here – it ends tomorrow!

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