Kickstarter: The Cloak and Blaster, a Gaming Pub for Geeks!

All righty, ladies and gents! Listen up! This is a super-cool Kickstarter that’s all about making a super-cool gaming pub, The Cloak & Blaster, a reality!


“The time has come to build a home where people can come together, make friends, and be around other people who love the same things they do without fear of judgment or harassment. A home where those nerds can geek out over their favorite TV shows, host weekly D&D campaigns, and enjoy some of the best craft beers, wines, ciders, and meads available. At The Cloak & Blaster, we’re building Florida a creative haven where nerds from all genres can geek out and get their game on. No more basements. No more sports bars.”

Pretty cool, right? I mean, I wish I lived in Florida and could enjoy this, but still – really awesome. They’re planning on having tons of board games and gaming systems available to be played. They’re also making special, handmade, custom gaming tables with built-in cup holders so you never spill your drink on the games.

Furthermore, the pub creators Andi and Markus (the devilishly good-looking duo) are really cool people. I met them at Gen Con 2013, and they were super nice and fun to play games with. Remember my first ever article for the site all about my experiences at Gen Con? Yeah, they’re a couple of the friends I made there.


They’re planing an awesome geeky-themed menu, which you can see a sample of:


Here’s a look at a few of their pledge levels:

  • $5 – You’ll receive a high-quality vinyl sticker of our bar logo, plus a personal shout-out on our social media networks for believing in us.
  • $20 – You’ll receive a heartfelt thank you, an awesome sticker, and a Kickstarter-exclusive challenge coin to let everyone know your allegiance.
  • $35 – You’ll receive our thanks, two logo stickers, the exclusive challenge coin, and a T-shirt only available to Kickstarter pledges that grants you early access into our Grand Opening party!
  • $50 – you’ll receive the Kickstarter-exclusive challenge coin, a T-shirt, and a printed menu signed by the opening day staff, to frame on your walls for eternity.

They’re already completely funded, which is pretty cool, and are nearing their first stretch goal. Check out the Kickstarter page!

Tell us what you think!

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