Mother’s Day Ideas for your Geeky Mom!

Some of us have been blessed, BLESSED I say, with moms who are a little on the geek side. Not me, but some of y’all, I’m sure.

For those of you with geeky moms, geeky baby mommas, or if you’re just stocking up on ideas for your Pinterest board, here are some geek gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

So, what to get her? Here’s some hints to inspire you! Pictures link to buy pages in most cases.

Does she like Neil deGrasse Tyson?

Name a star after her! It’s kind of cheesy, but your science or astronomy-loving mom might get a li’l choked up about it if you present it in the right way!

And Neil loves Bill

And Neil loves Bill.

Game On, Mom

Buy her one of her favorite games! Or a cookbook based on her favorite game? Or type her favorite game into Etsy and see what you can find.

controller art

If you ran out of time to personalize, consider a gift card that lets her try some new games. I found a dated, but still useful, list of different games for different kinds of moms. Check it out!

New Mommie

Maybe the special mom in your life isn’t actually your mom…what to get for new mommies?

How about a onesie showing off how awesome that mom is…humble brag!


Or you can snag her this awesome book on being the best geek mom possible! Pfft…as if she could be any more perfect.

Strong Sense of Force…I Mean, Humor

If your mom loves Star Wars, there’s an entire site full of things to get her over at Her Universe. We also mentioned some new cool clothes from Hot Topic. But what if you’re a little more…daring?


Tech Maven

Let your mom’s nerd flag fly with this shirt that says “Mom” in binary code.


You can also just get mom an iPad, Kindle, Nook, or Sony Tablet. Simple! Expensive. Show you care!

Baker of Justice

If your mom is a geek with a penchant for cooking…your choices are limitless. I’ll start you off with the Game of Thrones cookbook, then you can just Google her favorite shows/characters and the word “cookbook” or “recipes” and have a go!

You can also get her an apron. Moms love aprons.



Consider a Kindle or Nook to help consolidate her collection. Other awesome ideas include the next book from her favorite author, a donation to the local library to get a brick with her name on it, helping her create a book nook in her home, or these earrings:

books, earrings, gifts, mother's day, ideas, mom, geek, nerd, bookworm

I ran outta time!

Last minute ideas involve things you can do together! Try taking her book shopping…with a twist, or treating her to a medieval or pirate-themed dinner! There are also tons of museums to visit. Oh! And you can take a cake from Nerdy Nummies and bake it together! That sounds fun and disastrous.

It sounds like a great memory, and to me, that’s one of the most important things about Mother’s Day: spending time together and creating awesome/hilarious/silly/geeky memories.


Tell us what you think!

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