Her Universe and Hot Topic Collaborate for Star Wars Day, May the 4th

The wildly popular Star Wars women’s clothing brand, Her Universe, and big name chain Hot Topic have worked together to bring geeky women’s wear to the masses in the past. They are now at it again to celebrate the upcoming Star Wars holiday, “May the 4th be with You.” The collaboration has resulted in stylish Star Wars-themed tops and dresses that will be available exclusively through Hot Topic.

From Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein: “I am thrilled to be working with Hot Topic again to celebrate May the 4th be with You. I am also excited to debut a new design with one of our favorite guest designers, Denise Vasquez. Denise brought her unique Day of the Dead-inspired style to a new design featuring Boba Fett.”

In addition to these Hot Topic exclusives releasing on May the 4th, Her Universe will also offer 20% off of all current Star Wars apparel on their website (the 20% off does not apply to the new Hot Topic exclusives, however).

Check out photos of the new pieces below:


It’s exciting to see more and more geeky-themed clothing for women! Do you plan on picking any of these Star Wars pieces up? I personally have my eye on that Japanese Stormtrooper dress.

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