Kurosune’s Most Dateable Game Character

Ah, l’amour.

Yes, the reason of romance, wine, and cheap chocolates brought from the gas station at the last minute is upon us. There are some people who even call it Single’s Awareness Day, from their bitter disappointment at not having anyone to celebrate this day with, and furiously post on Facebook about why they can’t get any poonanny since this holiday is CLEARLY all about the smex. (Oh, boo hoo.)

Or, perhaps you are a lovely gamer girl who wishes that her Tidus, Cloud, Link, Sonic, Kratos, and yes, even Voldo would swoop in (or, in Voldo’s case, uncomfortably contort himself in that creepy BDSM-inspired outfit) and whisk you off your feet and off on that gorgeous white horse (Or, in Link’s case, that brown filly of his).

Well, in this season of love, I have been asked to state which dude in the video game world is the most dateable (hence the reason it’s “Kurosune’s Most Dateable Game Character”). I know someone out there is gonna agree with me.

The video game guy I’m thinking of right now has a great sense of fashion, has a body molded by the gods himself, would literally give you the shirt off his back, and has a wonderful sense of rather corny humor. He’s hardworking, brings home the bacon, helps around the house with the kids, and is great with animals as well. We all know there’s nothing hotter than a good-looking man holding a baby…



…Or, my favorite, good-looking men holding baby animals:



Admit it. You were thinking the same thing as every reader at this very moment:


Well, I’m here to present you with a guy who is basically the ideal man, in the romantic sense, of video games. (IE: He won’t even look at another woman because your radiant beauty is all he sees – even first thing in the morning when you remind him of Chewbacca.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Most Dateable Video Game Male of 2013:

Luke of Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, and the follow-up game, Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.



Ahem. So, if you’re familiar with my older posts, you’ll know that Luke ranked Number 1 on my list of Top Five Video Game Guys I’m Thankful For back in November. And really, can ya blame me? I find Luke, hands down, the most dateable, and yes, even marriageable, gentleman I have ever come across in video games.


Aside from the fact that he gets his good looks and that nice body of his from being a carpenter and hacking away at wood all the time, he’s good-natured, friendly, very fun (again, albeit in a corny way), and once he’s in love with you, you’re the only thing that matters in his world. He always gives you the ultimate compliments, and he doesn’t even breathe a word of how huge you’ve gotten once you’re pregnant. Oh, and sidenote, he wants a lotta kids, and I get the sneaking suspicion he enjoys the, um…ahem, process of getting those kids as well, based on a few off-handed comments made in the game.

The way he courts you is outright cute as well: he’ll bring you your favorite things, offer to take you on dates, and yes, he’ll even pay.

If I had to imagine a date with Luke, I’m pretty sure that it would involve going to the arcade and trying to beat him in video games, going to the petting zoo and watching him chase around baby chicks, and then a lovely picnic on a rolling hill while the sun sets over the horizon.

…Er…not that I’ve ever imagined going on a date with him! As if!

Of course he has that male ego, but what man doesn’t, right? He hates to lose, can be a giant baby at times, and is known for taking a simple task and turning it into something extreme. Go order a table from him sometime. He’ll give you the most over-the-freaking top table you never asked for.

Still, in the bigger picture, the moment he confesses his love to you, that’s it. Sign and seal. Done. You’re the one he wants to be with (which is great, given your rival, Selena, is a dancer with an I Dream Of Genie outfit and the hour-glass figure to match, and nevermind those bedroom eyes the game designers gave her. Plus, she can dance her tail off – and very well, might I add!

HUSSY! (Not really, I actually like her. I love her all the more when she isn’t sniffing after my Luke. She’s actually one of my favorite characters in the game.)

But, all that silliness aside, really, who wouldn’t fall for a hardworking, fun-loving, child-and-animal-loving guy who is also as loyal as a Doberman?

(Don’t you dare answer that.)

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