Five Great Valentine Gift Ideas for your Nerdy Girlfriend

Oh noes! It’s Valentine’s Day this week, and you haven’t snagged a gift for your special lady!

Don’t worry, I’ve made a handy list of items to grab that are sure to warm your lady’s cockles. Woah, phrasing.

5. Game Girl

Nothing says “You’ll always be my Player 2” like an adorable Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS. In fact, this color originally went on sale as a Valentine’s Day special, so you could say it was made for this!



4. Building Your Relationship

Show her she has a special place in your heart…your LEGO heart! The LEGO Heart Book is a fun present she can build herself (or the two of you can build together for an added bond) that holds a picture. Imagine how cute it will look on her desk at work!



3. Nerd Love

Nothing says “You’re my sweetie” like a pink nerd Domo! He even has heart glasses; you can’t beat that with a stick!



2. Galactic Romance

Her heart melts every time her favorite rogue answers Leia’s “I love you” with “I know.” Buy her this right now. Don’t like that style? There are tons of cute gifts based on this iconic quote, find one that’s more you and your hunnie’s style.



1. Oooh, Shiny

Plenty of ladies love jewelry, and V-day is the perfect day to gift your lady love with something shiny. Whether she’s an anime fan or a gamer, Etsy is chock-full of themed nerdy necklaces. You can get her an ornate one or a flirty pink one or even a stylistic representation of a geek necklace! Necklaces range from $10 – $30.


That Ship Sailed

In general, Etsy and the shopping sites on our NBF Directory are great places to go for gifts for your lady, and often have two day shipping.

But what if you wait way too long? Take her to see the newest Zom-Rom-Com or have a very special stay-home movie night, complete with hot chocolate, flowers, and a foot massage, and we’re pretty sure she won’t be too mad at you. 😉

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