Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Dude! (Even though we all know what he really wants ;)

Having a hard time finding a gift for your nerdy gentleman? Here are some ideas I have scavenged from the internet to help you out!

Have some cool new dice and eat them too! …Wait, what? has chocolate gaming dice, so when he’s done playing DnD for the night, your man can retire his dice to his stomach! (And hopefully share with you)

For the dapper gentleman in your life, how about this Doctor Who Diecast Master’s Pocketwatch?

Besides, who doesn’t want to date a Time Lord?! Find it here.

For the bookworm/gamer in your life, why not expand their knowledge of Hyrule?

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

Everything you’d ever want to know about Hyrule, plus some bonus content! Get it here.

If you are the creative type, why not bake your man some cookies? Maybe even shaped like Companion Cubes and other such things. Then, when you’re done, put them in this awesome Companion Cube cookie jar!

 Cookies are truth

“Now you’re thinking with portals!” Cookie Cutters here, jar here.

Got a Star Wars nerd in your life? Who doesn’t love Wookies?

Underground Toys Star Wars 9" Talking Plush - Chewbacca

Appeal to your man’s soft side with this 9″ talking Chewbacca plush!

More for the table-top game lover, Companion Cube dice!

Weighted Companion Cube Die - Stainless Steel - (Portal Dice)

For science!

Fill your man’s medieval fantasy with this beer tankard:

Then help him out by slaying the dragon ;). Found here.

You can also get him something to fill that tankard with!

Show that special someone you love them twice as much.

Rogue Ale has come out with a chocolate stout and a double chocolate stout, specifically for Valentine’s Day! Find them at your local BevMo! or other alcoholic beverage store.

Well ladies, whether it’s for the Time Lord, Space Cowboy, or Knight in your life, I hope this has helped a bit. Don’t forget to give your man that extra special somethin’ too. 😉 Happy Valentine’s!


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