An Introduction to CES


So. Can you guys guess where I am at this very moment?

I am currently laying on comfortable red sheets, with a lovely down comforter, beautiful pillows, and a window that overlooks…my backyard. That’s right. I’m at home, bitter and infuriated that the copious amounts of homework from my new nursing school endeavor has me at home, when I SHOULD be CES. *grumble grumble*

But, my jealous bitchery aside, that doesn’t mean I can’t still bring you up to date on this awesome event, thanks to my hired squad of ninjas that keep reporting to me about the goings on there, and keeping you wonderful people updated as well!

For those unfamiliar with it, CES International is the world’s leading, largest technology trade show, held in Las Vegas at the Vegas convention center, and the days it’s operating are from January 8th to the 11th, 2013. People from all over the world come to enjoy this epic week of technologies, geek out over the future electronics we all know you and I will be waiting in line for a week before their drop date, and is one of the biggest places to focus on both marketing and networking in between people and companies.

I myself have never seen the Las Vegas Convention Center, so I couldn’t get a good feel on the size of the place until I actually read this description from the CES International Website:

“…The show floor spans the space of more than 393 basketball courts and Michael Phelps would have to swim 483 laps to travel the 15 miles of the carpeted CES show floor.”

Yeah. It’s gigantic, and oh-so-perfect for the massive crowds to enjoy the various exhibits you’ll see there! And just to give you an idea, there are 3280 exhibits for your enjoyment, so best to start now if you hope to actually see them all! Some of the exhibits worth mentioning are:

  • Jabra
  • Celestron
  • Intel Corporation (Bum! Bum bum bum buuuum…!)
  • Panasonic
  • Barns and Noble
  • Canon USA
  • Dropbox Inc.
  • Sony Electronics
  • Nokia

…just to name a few. Competing for attention with the exhibitors are the actual keynote speakers, and they never fail to deliver. This year, just to name a few, we have:

Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuga, president of Panasonic Corporation:


Dr. Steven Woo, President and Device Solutions Business manager of Samsung Electronics:


Will. I. Am., founder and Chairman of (this one kind of surprised me):


And last, but certainly not least, Michael Bowling, who is the Chief Marketing Director and Business Solutions Manager of AT&T:


CES International certainly didn’t pull their punches while planning this event, that’s for sure. There are award ceremonies, various events from both CES and its host, CEA, and a smorgasbord of events to leave even the most hard-to-please techie perfectly sated and floating on a cloud of pure electronic bliss. While I won’t be able to be one of those techies (so sue me, I’m bitter), you can still go and enjoy yourself to the fullest at what is definitely the trade show of the century!

For more information about ticket pricing, dates, events, and any questions you may have, please visit the official site! Go forth, mingle, network, strike up fistfights with that one tool who thinks that Samsung is better than Verizon and then go and head out to all of the drinking parties and wild escapades that will ensue this weekend! Because if there’s anyone who knows how to party, it’s a techie! Have fun everyone (and bring me back something, pleeeeeeeease?)!

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