CES 2013 Day 1 News


CES 2013 is in motion! What is CES, you ask? CES is the International CES that is happening RIGHT NOW in Las Vegas! At CES, more than 150,000 people attend to watch over 20,000 products being launched by at least 3,100 of the world’s most influential technology companies from all over the world, who have gathered to showcase their newest and best technology!

Our brilliant and beautiful Sarah The Rebel is on location enjoying herself so that we can bring to you the updates on all the exciting events!


One of the world’s top PC makers, Lenovo, has announced that it will be releasing this summer its “IdeaCentre Horizon Tablet PC,” or Horizon for short. The Horizon is a 27-inch tablet computer that will cost about $1,699. The Horizon will come complete with Windows 8 plus apps for gaming and work, while still keeping compatibility with older programs.

The Horizon is designed to sit upright using a stand that can also collapse, leaving the tablet computer to lay flat on a table where up to five people will be able to sit around the table at any given time.

Lenovo believes it will allow families to interact together around the tablet to play games, or even allow teachers to interact with multiple students.

Specs for the Horizon:


  • 27″ full-HD multi-touch screen with 1920×1080 pixels
  • 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 620M 1 GB graphics card
  • Windows 8
  • 1 TB HDD; 64 GB SSD (optional)
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HD webcam
  • 2 x USB 3.0, HDMI port, 6-in-1 card reader

Here is a recap of what Intel discussed during today’s conference!


All right, all you iPhone lovers, here’s one for you! Get out your iPhone and take a look at this new touch-screen case for the BACK of your product! Confused? So was I at first!


This new iPhone case adds touch-screen capabilities to the back AND sides of the iPhone!

“At any given time, statistically speaking, the thumbs and fingers are covering about 25% to 33% of the screen,” said Ian Spinelli, a marketing coordinator at Canopy Co., which manufactures the Sensus case. “When you’re covering the screen, especially with games and other things, you can’t see what’s going on.”

So how does it work? Simple! You snap the case onto your phone (which is no larger than standard protective cases) and then you go about gaming from the back, and scrolling from the sides!

The new case will go on sale this summer, with the price somewhere between $59 and $99, according to Spinelli. Similar cases are being designed for the iPod Touch and the iPad Mini.

NVIDIA surprised its attendees by giving each participant in the “experience” a brand new Nexus 7!


NVIDIA also announced the Tegra 4 processor with 4G LTE, which you can read about here!

Some other highlights of CES 2013 Day 1 are:

A device that tracks your luggage in real time from Globaltrac

VuzixM100 smart glasses: a bluetooth controllable headset that sits under your eye.

fitbit The Fitbit Flex, which one-ups the current version of the FuelBand by tracking your steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and even your quality of sleep! This puts it in direct competition with not only the Nike FuelBand, but also the Jawbone UP.

The new Pentax MX-1, a beautifully-designed and highly functional retro point and shoot!

And of course, what you’ve all been waiting for:

The Samsung Ultra HDTV!

The showstopper for day 1 was most certainly the Samsung’s Ultra HDTV S9. It was shown off with both an 85-inch and a 110-inch screen. Not only that, it looks like it is floating in its frame, since you can adjust the screen!


Check out this awesome video for more details!

Those are all my highlights for CES 2013 day 1! There’s so many things to be excited about, and still so much yet to come! AHHH! So excited!

Stayed tuned for more updates from day 2!

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