The Pre-CES Prep Post

Happy Monday, kids! For those of you who don’t know, CES International starts tomorrow and runs through Friday. Our own dear Sarah is there in Las Vegas, checkin’ out everything on the show floor. But for those of you like me, sitting at home browsing the internet in your pajamas, the rest of us here at Nerdy But Flirty are going to provide you with updates every day on the big show. The Consumer Electronics Association says that global gadget spending is going to reach $1.1 trillion dollars this year. So get your wallets out, we’ve got some cool shit to show you.

CES starts off with a lot of press conferences and a Sunday evening media preview before the floor opens on Tuesday. There is also a whole slew of celebrities on tap to appear. Felicia Day is serving as the CES ambassador this year for the ‘Entertainment Matters’ program. 50 Cent and LL Cool J are both there to promote their separate headphone lines. Snooki is going to be there, attempting to get you to buy products from Zeikos. And Tim Tebow will be there promoting a line of products from Ludacris’s Soul Electronics? Okayyyy…

But in more important news, THE PRODUCTS! Let’s see what we have so far.

la-fi-tn-ces-lenovo-and-3m-push-multiuser-tabl-001 (1)

Lenevo and 3M have introduced tablets that are actually the size of tabletops. Meant for multiple users and most certainly for companies, both of the products are going to be pretty pricey. 3M’s 84-inch version will run up to $6,500. Lenevo’s is smaller, and is going to cost a lot less, but the most interesting thing about theirs is how much they are relying on the success of Windows 8 with their product.


Canopy has developed Sensus, an iPhone case that is touch sensitive to allow you to use the back and the sides of your phone to scroll and click instead of just using your screen. There is no exact price yet, but they are saying it’s possible for it to be between $59 and $99. They’re also developing them for the iPod Touch and the iPad Mini.


Belkin has revealed their iPad case that they are calling the “first handheld home theater”. The Belkin Thunderstorm is a fitted case with built in surround sound speakers. Apparently it was difficult to hear on the show floor but it was loud enough that it shook the tablet in it’s case. So…that is certainly something.

There have been some awesome-looking smart TVs unveiled , and I will simply provide you with a couple links that you can peruse in your own time. Definitely take a look though, there is some crazy stuff in there this year, including The Viera from Panasonic and LG’s big-screen OLED TV.

Also, the S.T.R.I.K.E.7 gaming keyboard from Madcatz was awarded the CES ‘Best of Innovations’ award this year! The award is designed to honor outstanding design and engineering advancements across twenty-nine categories.


Speaking of gaming tech, Nvidia surprised everyone with a handheld gaming device they are calling Project Shield. It’s got a five-inch display, runs on Android’s Jellybean, and can stream games wirelessly to your TV as well. Apparently the wifi technology it runs with is amazing, but this is coming from Nvidia themselves, so it could just be hype. Nevertheless, it’s something to keep your eye on.


And the final thing I will mention is the vibrating fork from Hapilabs that is meant to stop you from eating too much. Well, isn’t that thoughtful. I think I will pass though, I’m not spending $99 on a fork or spoon that tells me to quit eating.

Stay tuned this week for more updates from CES!

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