Piece Corps: Bunnies, Mermaids, and Aliens, Oh My!


Piece Corps was recently released, and it’s a game where you toss (think Angry Birds) awesome little girls with superpowers so they can rescue their friends. There are five girls, as pictured above, and each has different special powers and a very distinct look. The artwork is simple but cute, and gameplay is pretty addicting – when sitting down to write about the game’s release, I tried it out first and ended up playing for quite a while! The game has a lot charm, and even when I messed up, I laughed at what had happened. The evil janitors especially cracked me up. There are fifty levels and five zones, plus ten levels and one zone of ten tutorial levels (which was very helpful).The Piece Corps characters are a group of daring young girls who protect the powerful “Book of Dreams.” Unfortunately, the Evil Scientist has stolen it for his own wicked bidding! So it’s up to the Piece Corps to band together using their unique abilities against enemies of all kinds to get the book back safely and save the universe. The game also lets you create your own levels and share them with all players of Piece Corps.

Piece Corps is more than a physics-based mobile game. It empowers imagination and creativity by supplying the tools for players to create their own levels to be shared within a global Piece Corps community,” said Joe Doucet, creator. “Also, by leveraging the unique abilities of these diverse characters, we want to show the promise of uniting through differences, to work together to achieve common goals.” In creating Piece Corps, Joe wanted to go beyond the realm of gaming and create a vessel to foster and develop the creative spirits of young girls.

The game is available now for free from the iTunes store and for Android on Google PlayPiece Corps will be available for Amazon, Kindle, and in the Mac App Store coming soon.

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