Cheap Gaming Gifts for EVERYONE!

With Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa right around the corner, what gamer wouldn’t love to receive the gift of more games to spend countless hours on? But alas, your wallet is quite tight this year, and yet you still want to be able to give your beloved gamer a new obsession!

Fret not! Thanks to GameStop and their “Under 20$” list, you can get your brother, sister, grandmother, boyfriend, or even ex-husband some new games this Christmas (and even have enough left over to spoil yourself!)

While the list is extensive with 17,213 various things to choose from, I’ve gone ahead and narrowed the list down a bit with a list of five games to suit everyone’s gaming needs!

Brain Age

1) For that obnoxious little know-it-all cousin who has a higher IQ than seems physically/mentally/humanly/genetically possible, Brain Age 2! Your cousin will thank you later for boosting his or her scores, and for making it possible for them to be accepted into Harvard!


2) Does anyone else have that one uncle who loves to come over and embarrass the entire family (ancestors included) with his “amazing” dance moves, such as the Truffle Shuffle, the Funky Chicken, and (GOD FORBID), the Stanky Leg/Dougie/and or any kind of dance that involves some sort of wildly inappropriate hip grinding or pelvic thrusts?
Worry not! For that embarrassing uncle, there’s Dance Central for the X-Box 360 Kinect. Do your family a favor this year, mmkay?


3) Having trouble finding that one gift for that one relative who’s going through the “gangsta” phase in their life? (IE: baggy pants, speaking slang that makes you want to take them to the nearest church and have ’em exorcised because you think they are speaking in tongues?) WELL! Fret not! For that young “(insert name) and add ‘-izzle’ to the end of their name) there’s the notorious Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. But remember, this game has an M for mature rating, so don’t try anything funny and buy the game for your little three-year-old sister or brother…


4) …Because there’s a game for the wee gamers in your life as well! I know when I was tiny (and even now), I used to bring home stray cats, dogs, and, yes, once even a full-grown crow with an injured wing. (Mother was absolutely wild about that one.) If the wee-baby-gamer in your family is dying for a pet, your parents will thank you immensely when you come home with Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever and Friends! All of the excitement of owning a pet, with no mess, and simple enough for young children to play as well. You can’t lose!


5) And of course, if cute and cuddly isn’t your style, there’s always those games that bring out the absolute worst in people—and I’m not talking about Monopoly, even though that game is notorious for splitting apart families and break-ups.

No, if your style is more of a, “DIE, YOU @%#$@(!!!!!!!!! SCREW YOU, CAMPER!!!!!!! NO! TAKE THIS!!!!! HADOUKEN-CHUN-LI-KICK-CAMMY-COMBO-OMFGWTFBBQ FATALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” style, then rest assured, there are plenty of games on this cheap list for you, including, Street Fighter IV, Gears of War I and II, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and even, yes, Kinect Sports. Because you haven’t seen a person’s ugly side until you have bested them in lawn darts.

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