Guild Wars 2 (Mac Beta)

I can honestly say that even though I am not an MMO player, I LOVE Guild Wars 2. It has won my heart after getting off to a bumpy start. The graphics are beautiful, there is non-stop gameplay available for both the nomad and the guild adventures, monsters for everyone, and don’t even get me started on the character creation!

Guild Wars 2 was released on August 28, 2012 for the PC. On September 18, 2012, ArenaNet released a Mac client, stating, “Bringing Guild Wars 2 to the Mac is huge for us, because it introduces the game to an entire group of players who are often ignored by game developers. The ability to play together with your friends is one of the underlying principles of Guild Wars 2, and providing a Mac client means that friends and guildmates can play together regardless of what operating system they favor.” – David Campbell


I’m sorry to say that if you were huge into Guild Wars, there is no option available to migrate your character(s). Instead, you get to make a new one! And you have several new races and professions to choose from! These include:






The thing to remember is that each character has different weapons, skills (some race-related), and traits.

One thing I heard a lot of is that once you hit level 80, that’s it. You’re capped, you can’t level up anymore, and you can’t do anything. While it’s TRUE that you can’t level up past 80, there are a ton of things you can do. Check out this article, 80 Things to do at Level 80, for some hints and tips.


Every race has a home world that they start in and a personal story they work their way through.

Your personal story is based upon the choices you make during character creation as well as your gameplay choices. The core of the story is the same for EVERYONE: you encounter members of Destiny’s Edge and join one of three orders, which then help lead you to a final conflict against [cue dramatic music] wait for it…Zhaitan, an Elder Dragon!

Destiny’s Edge is a famous guild in Tyria who dedicate their life to stopping Elder Dragons. In Guild Wars 2, they don’t travel together anymore, but they are considered “living legends,” and their tales of bravery are told everywhere. Throughout the game, you will discover these legends.

Part of the story for Destiny’s Edge is for the player to help members overcome the reasons that caused the group to dissolve in the first place, so they can battle Zhaitan.

Check out this link for a great heads-up about the personal and main storylines for Guild Wars 2!


Okay, I’m super picky about the types of games I will play, because I am absolutely about high-quality graphics, solid performances, and a pretty HUD (Heads Up Display). Complicated menus, cluttered screens, and crappy graphics turn me off super-quickly. Just ask my best friend; oh wait, you can’t, they’d get ticked off if I let you stalk them. So I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. Thankfully, I found a good guide for Interface Tips and Tricks!

A lot of players will complain that the graphics and the worlds are generic and simple, but they’re actually very beautifully-designed and creative. Each world for each character has its own unique feel. I like that whether I’m in Ascalon, Krta, Lion’s Arch, Shiverpeak Mountains, Tarnished Coast, Steamspur Mountains, or the Ruins of Orr, each land represents its people in a very different way.


Guild Wars 2 and I got off to a rough start. I wasn’t certain how I would feel about it. But after I got used to the keyboard, how the gameplay works, and how to customize it to better fit my preferences and skill, I fell in love. I’m officially a MAC/PC gamer because of GW2!

I’m ALLLLL about a game where I can choose my playthrough type and go back for more. Guild Wars 2 doesn’t make your story for you, they let you create your own, while also facing the inevitable hardships and trials of the main quest line.

I haven’t quite tackled competitive play yet, shame on me, but by all means, you should, and then let me know how you like it!


Being a noob to GW2, I had a hard time getting started, and playing on a MAC beta and having to deal with weird glitches, including my first three characters being deleted (don’t ask me how), didn’t help. I kept fighting the good fight, and it eventually won my heart over. I recommend it if you’re patient and you like customization and a good storyline with several sub-plots and surprises!

Score: B

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