Top 5 Best Geek Manicures

One of the best things about being a geek lady (aka, a Nerdy But Flirty kind of lady)  is combining the love of beautiful nails with our loves of all things geek!

There is a lot of great geek manicures out there, but here are the best of the best:

5. Companion Cube Nails

By Sarah from the UK, these nails are perfect for Portal lovers.

4. Stromtrooper Nails

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? These Stormtrooper nails by the aptly-named Cute Polish are a great way to show off your Star Wars love. Check out the video tutorial (and try to keep a steady hand, as the narrator might make you giggle) and rock these nails yourself:

3. Mass Effect Nails

Personally, I love the variety of style in this manicure: the stripe, the N7 logo, the Paragon and Renegade symbols, and even a nail that looks like space! They all come together and compliment each other for the Mass Effect theme.

2. Alien Facehugger Nails

Kayleigh O’Connor is amazing. She has a ton of impressive geeky manicures (seriously, just check out her gallery), but the Alien facehugger is just too cool for words. She incorporates the use of modeling things with clay into her nails, which really brings something extra-special, as you can see. I love that the facehugger is paired with a solid, fun color.

1. Marvel Nails

Is a description even really necessary?! I am loving Spider-Man especially. Just the sheer detail that Oh My Nails managed to capture is amazing! They turned out beautifully.

Bonus mentions:

1-Up Nails and Ghost Boo Nails

Once again,  Cute Polish makes another appearance on the list. Though neither of them didn’t quite make my top five, it does not mean that they are not absolutely LOVED. They are extremely adorable.  I love that there is just a single 1-Up nail and the rest use the same colors in a more traditional manicure style. And the Boo nails?! They are just too cute.

Learn how to do both nails yourself:

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