Plants vs Zombies 2 Due to Drop in 2013

Plants vs Zombies

If you haven’t played Plants vs Zombies, you’re missing out on some addictive strategy action that’ll keep you from getting any real work done for hours. If you have, I’ve got excellent news!

You’re going to be getting even less work done!

PopCap Games, known for super-popular titles like PeggleBejewled, and Zuma, has announced a sequel to Plants vs Zombies, promising even more addictive fun and layers of strategy than the original. Naturally, you can also expect the series’ offbeat sense of humor to be returning in full force! It’s due to show up in the first half of 2013.

Editor’s Note: There are several reports that PopCap has laid off around fifty people today, and may have been doing layoffs for months since the takeover by EA. We wish the newly-unemployed all the best. PopCap makes all my favorite “casual” games, with Peggle being at the top of the list.

Update: PopCap has confirmed the layoffs.

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