The “New” Super Mario Bros. 2 Review

When I heard there would be a new Mario coming out, it was like an answer to a prayer. Although everyone else was sated with Super Mario 3D Land, I could not be, because I never enjoyed the original version of the game.

No, for me it was the 2D platformer full of pitfalls and chompy plants. I’d become so re-obsessed with Mario (due to playing the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong on my 3DS) that I had already purchased all of the old Mario games available on the 3DS. I was at the point of buying a Wii when I heard the news: New Super Mario Bros. 2 was on the way!

Well, yesterday was finally the day I got my hands on this bad boy. So what do I think?

What Kind of Mario-er Are You?

Just what kind of Mario fan are you? Whether or not this new game is for you will depend on your answer. Do you just love the plump plumber, no matter what he’s doing? Do you really wish Nintendo would just keep adding more levels to the same basic game?

Or are you a Mario hopeful, looking forward to changes and innovations to keep Mario spiced up and relevant?

Or perhaps you are a Mario fan for the challenge. Mario for the NES was the kind of game that could kill you in the first round if you were a beginner, and some levels had to be played more than once before you even stood a chance of figuring out which direction to jump.

Or, finally, are you a lootwhore? Do you just love collecting shinys, no matter the game?

The “New” Super Mario

The new Mario game is, truth be told, just like the New Super Mario Bros. The levels are about the same difficulty as the last Mario game for the DS, with a few fun exceptions that harken back to the difficulty of the NES classic, Super Mario Bros. The first castle in each stage is laughably easy, and looks like a cute Ferris wheel.

The new focus on coins actually somehow diminishes their importance. I was alerted that I had 500 coins after the third level. In the second world, I was told I had 2,000 coins. In the second level of the second world, I was told I reached 5,000.

Big whoop! If it’s so easy, why should I care?

Although the new powers are also all focused on coins, they are actually entertaining. Seeing Mario run around with a box for a head, pooing coins every time he leaps, is pure joy. And the golden raccoon power is just adorable.


One new feature since the last game is co-op. I haven’t used it yet because I don’t have any friends, but I’m excited to give it a whirl. I will update this review if it turns out that the co-op utterly changes everything and I am a fool.

Final Verdict

Should you buy New Super Mario Bros. 2? If you’re like me and just want to keep playing new Mario levels without any innovation or improvement, then yes. Yes you should buy this game. A game that’s only flaw is not being “different enough” from the classic we all loved is not a bad game. I am enjoying the game immensely, and find myself tearing through levels, dreading the moment when I reach the end and have to wait, again, for a new game.

Score: B

Good, but not surprisingly good. Just as good as you expected. It’s nice to see you, Mario. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The “New” Super Mario Bros. 2 Review

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  2. I’ve played the last new Super Mario Bros, and I did enjoy it. It was fun and filled with new obstacles. It really did intrigue me especially with the new powers. What I did notice is that I was zipping through the levels as if Mario was on speed and was invincible. I didn’t feel much of a challenge as I did on the Original NES that I loved (and still do) and played as a child. The obstacles were fairly easy and I found it easy to get out of situations. On the original one, sure all you had was either run fast and jump. Star man and fire Mario, but it was more challenging in my opinion.
    I am sill debating on whether buying the “New” super Mario bros 2, but I much rather play the good ol retro style that I fell in love with as a child. Awesome review by the way, looking forward to the update on the new co op play (:

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