The Adventures of Sarah The Rebel at San Diego Comic Con 2012

Here’s a short recap of my San Diego Comic Con trip! Hey, I said my SDCC post was coming…didn’t say when!

I saw all kinds of crazy cosplays, from a Roberta Baratheon to a family of Princess Leia buns to a mighty She-Ra. This also marked my first time really cosplaying: I was Kratos, from God of War.

Yes, bask in my glory.

All in all, I had an excellent time, and I can’t wait to do even more next year!


My first day was VERY hectic. We arrived late and had to RUN all the way to the place where the van parked to take us to Gam3rCon. Ashphord Jacoway, my roommate, had a performance of her show I Wish My Life Was an RPG at the con.

Gam3rCon is a gem of a convention. Featuring art, performances, a throwback gaming center, and current gaming zones, this tiny con was my favorite part of my SDCC trip. I played Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis until my friends dragged me away, slugged a few folks in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, and watched a hilariously campy series called Video Game High School.

I watched the show on a huge screen, sitting next to Ashphord on the roof while drinking a coke and eating a slice of pizza, surrounded by other nerds, looking out over the skyline of San Diego. There were even random fireworks! What I’m trying to say is: best night ever.

BioWare Base

That night I partied with my roomies and Captain Jack Sparrow while preparing myself for Saturday or, as I was calling it, The Day I Meet David Gaider. I woke up, changed into my pirate outfit, grabbed some breakfast, and then headed to the BioWare Base at the Gaslamp Hilton.

I stood in a super-long line for a few hours and then, finally, the moment was upon me. I (shockingly) could think of nothing witty to say, and simply begged him to write another book. He mentioned that he had no plans to write another novel because he was focusing on the comics right now. I quickly took back my begging with something along the lines of, “Oh, you know what you’re doing, ignore me. Yes please, more comics,” and then shuffled my way down the line, garnering signatures from the voices of Kaiden Alenko and Jack, as well as a few members of the development team.

I then sat down with a sigh to wait for my turn to play the new ME3 DLC (unreleased at the time) called Earth. You can read all about that little adventure here, but I will say that the two highlights were playing a match with Kimberly Brooks, the voice of Ashley, and getting to turn around and have a conversation with the people standing behind me, who happened to be the team that created the levels I was playing.

I left for a few hours and came back for the official mingling party, where I ate dainty cheeses, fried shrimp, and tiny, tiny grapes. I also grabbed a blowup omni tool, schmoozed with awesome cosplayers (including a hunk of a James Vega) and drank free wine, thanks to a lovely Bones cosplayer.

The Show Floor

I spent the night partying with some friends I met at the LA GameDevDrinkUp and watching the most awesome old movies on random bar televisions. I can say one thing for the Gaslamp District: it has taste.

The next morning was the day of reckoning: the day I entered SDCC proper. Ashphord and I spent an hour getting my Kratos costume on. I almost called the whole thing off, but she gave me the pouty face and I relented.

I’m so glad I did.

The costume turned out to be a success, and I finally understand the high one can get from cosplaying. Since Ashphord was Nariko, we had to ham it up a bit, and we had a great time shocking the Sony booth workers, to their delight.

There was also this wonderful moment when a bearded male Princess Leia walked by me, and we locked eyes and silently nodded at each other in solidarity. Gender bending for the win!

And oh, the things! The things! There were sparkly masks and Okami stuffed animals and Han Solo icecube trays and Venom dresses and comics to buy and posters to love and action figures to covet!

Oh, and the people were cool too. My friend ended up getting shoved by Stan Lee’s “bodyguard” or posse member. Stan told the guy off and asked my friend to walk with him to the panel, all the while asking him about his favorite superhero movies.

Other friends sat across from the cast of Game of Thrones and danced the night away with Playboy bunnies. You never knew who you were going to spot!

At the end of the day, we listened to horrible Power Rangers fan music and participated in a cosplay contest…that had nothing to do with costumes. The winner, Stuffed Animal Man, gave me a copy of the Black Panther cartoon!

It was magical.

The Journey Home

And then the trip home was terrible.

My suitcase broke on the two-mile run to the bus station, border patrol thought I was an illegal immigrant (dude needed to read up on his citizenship laws), and my ex-boyfriend went crazy and ransacked my home at 3AM.

Oh well. Worth it!

No Regrets

As you can see from this post, it is possible to have a great time without a badge. I only used my badge on the last day and I still had a great time. The part of Comic-Con I would say you truly miss out on without a badge is the panels and, as you may have noticed from reading articles about SDCC panels over the years, they are full of amazing quotes and awesome happenings, making the badge worth every penny.

However, since I was too indecisive to attend any panels, the most rewarding part of SDCC for me was making friends. *cue friendship is magic quotes and rainbows*

But honestly.

I met so many cool people and had such awesome times, from sneaking into a rooftop jacuzzi to feeling the wind whip my hair as I rode in a pedicab to watching fireworks while chowing down on pizza and yelling at a big screen, none of those things would have been half as awesome without the friends I made at Comic-Con.

Photo Gallery

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Round 2

SDCC 2012

SDCC 2012

SDCC 2012

SDCC 2012

SDCC 2012

Action Sequence


Ashphord playing Sleeping Dogs



Captain Jack


Catwoman & Darth Maul

Dark Horse & Bioware

Darth Vader

Dragon Ball


USS Kelvin



Guillermo del Toro

Iron Man

Iran Man & Hawkeye


Marvel Toys

Pink Power Ranger

Power Rangers


The Simpsons & Bongo Comics

Star Wars Toys




The Crowd

The Crowd


Lady Kratos

Lady Kratos


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