Dragon Age III: A Rebel Rundown

I happened to be perusing The Escapist when I ran across an article on Dragon Age III. (Which, by the way, I really hope they don’t name Dragon Age III. I would rather a name like Dragon Age III: Call of the Chantry or something a little more interesting than Dragon Age II. I mean we had Origins, then Awakening, then…what? We decided subtitles were too 90s?)

Blending DA:O and DAII: Mission Impossible

Anyhoo, enough with the mini-rant. It seems that BioWare is going to listen to the fans, something they are usually pretty good about, and combine the best parts of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II for Dragon Age III. As some commenter quipped: “Oh, so they’re just going to use DA:O, huh?”

Although part of me is kidding because I love BioWare and I hate to dislike something they’ve made, another part of me really is skeptical that blending the games can be accomplished. The people who loved DAII usually didn’t like DA:O as much, and vice versa. The focus on strategy and sweeping story were not actiony enough for some people, so DAII was made actiony. This pissed off the people who liked DA:O. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the changes made in DAII were supposed to “fix” things from DA:O to get more people to play, so I don’t really see how the two could be blended if one was already supposed to be an improvement.

Here’s a quote for you:

“What we need to do as developers is take that feedback from both sets of fans to heart and see about marrying that in future games in the Dragon Age franchise,” BioWare co-founder, Ray Muzyka, said. “I think that the team has actually got a great plan…and we look forward more to talking about that in the future.”

I really hope they can do it and win me back to full fandom.

DAIII plot

According to an article on GameBandits, Dragon Age III‘s storyline will revolve around the war between templars and mages. If you’ve been paying attention, that will come as no surprise. As someone who’s read the novels and the comics as well, it was always obvious that it was going to come down to this.

I’m also pretty excited about the fact that we will get to travel to Tevinter and Orlais. I hope we also get to go to some other long-spoken of cities, because apparently they showed a huge map at PAX that was four or five times bigger than the Ferelden map.

Apparently, the player’s mission in Dragon Age III is to calm both sides of the conflict. That doesn’t sound terribly exciting. Kind of like “be the errand girl of Kirkwall” didn’t sound too exciting. But, knowing BioWare, there will be some super-hard choices to make to add some spice to it.


According to writer David Gaider, the Warden’s storyline is finished, but Hawke still has stories to tell. It’s too bad the Warden’s story is over, because I would love (and this could never happen, but I would love if it could) to have a team where my Warden and LadyHawke would have to join forces to do something. But I guess it would just be too complicated to try to import characters from two different games.


So apparently, enough people complained about button mashing that BioWare has decided to modify combat. It will now center around “preparation, teamwork, and positioning.” Planning and strategy are going to once again take the forefront. The panel at PAX also agreed that Dragon Age II‘s AI wasn’t as sharp as they would have liked (uh, yeah, appearing from thin air and falling onto me isn’t very intelligent-looking).


I’m excited. And hopeful. But also a little wary. Like having a few years apart from your ex and then trying to see if you can make it work this time. 😛

4 thoughts on “Dragon Age III: A Rebel Rundown

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  2. Personally, I really liked the new combat. I just miss the finishing moves for warriors from DAO. I felt there was an improvement for mages and rogues in DA2. I loved playing a rogue in DA2. Loved it. I just miss stealing as a skill that was really fun in DAO.

    I’m a pc player not a console player so the button mash thing didn’t bother me to much. I don’t have to click the mice button to often.

  3. Am I the only person who didn’t think the combat in DA2 was all that different than DA:O? Sure, it was quicker. But it was pretty much the same idea minus potion management for health/energy.

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