New DA DLC: @FeliciaDay is Tallis!

BioWare recently announced Mark of the Assassin as the next Dragon Age II DLC pack. It will be available October 11th. Trailer after the jump.


Hawke is joined by an elf assassin named Tallis. That name may sound familiar to you. Felicia Day is voicing her, and she comes with her own combat style and backstory.

With Tallis, you have to get into an Orlesian estate outside Kirkwall and steal a relic, The Heart of the Many (seems a little…cheesy for a name in the DA universe, but whatever). As usual with DA DLC, new weapons and equipment will be available, and (thankfully) new enemies will be on deck.

Problems I have so far

Um…this plot looks exactly like the plot with Kasumi from Mass Effect 2. Like…EXACTLY. If a dragon comes out at the end on a rooftop as we try to escape, I will call BioWare and ask for my money back, since I have already bought this DLC, lol. It is interesting if they really do make it the same, because you may remember all of the Dragon Age stuff in the vault where you find the item Kasumi sends you for. If you get to the “vault” in this DLC and see Mass Effect statues (like a big stone Garrus), what are you gonna do? Lol.

Also, Tallis is described as a cross between Varric and Isabela. I am really hoping that they mean her fighting style, and not her personality. Because to me, Isabela was simply a less nice Varric without chest hair, so that isn’t doing much to describe her personality.

Things I’m excited about so far:

  • Learning more about the Orlesians and the Qunari
  • New DLC (what can I say, I’m a Dragon Age addict)
  • FEL…ah, you get my point
Anyhoo, gentle readers, I am hoping to have my PS3 back in my hands by the time of this release…Sony claims the repairs won’t take long, but we shall see. I’ve heard things…

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