Sadness: No FemShep for Hollywood

According to an article I just read, BioWare has revealed that the film adaptation of Mass Effect will focus on John Shepard, not the beautiful-but-deadly Jane Shepard.

Way to be original, BioWare.

As much as fans love FemShep (and guys love hot action chicks in general), you would think they would have went with the female Shepard. But I guess a militarized film with a female lead that never brought up her gender as an issue would be too unbelievable. >_>

The other details are as follows:

  • Completely new story, not based on gameplay, so no choices.
  • No word on whether it will be a trilogy.
  • Seth Green will not play Joker.
  • More info coming eventually, so no word on cast or storyline.

I’m still making ethnic FemShep, so there. 😛 But this is the official one.

2 thoughts on “Sadness: No FemShep for Hollywood

  1. It’s sorta funny that some of this stuff came about as I finally started playing through the first two Mass Effect games.

    Objectively speaking, I sort of wonder how much sway Bioware has on the production process. Assuming Seth Green’s absence isn’t owing to his own schedule, I can’t help but think many decisions were made out of marketability.

    MaleShep is sorta a gimme for this, since- yeah- there still seems to be an aversion towards strong, female characters. Honestly though, were I making the film, I’d have avoided using Shepard altogether. I think doing so on principle is a disservice to the fans, owing to the fact that too many people are going to have their own perception about who and what Shepard is since, well, that’s the point of the game.

    Similarly, I’m glad they’re going for an original story to expand the universe instead of trying to adapt the games, but again, did we need Shepard if they’re doing that?

    And to expand on the Seth Green thing, if he’s being kept out of the film, then I suspect they’re doing so to plug a more notable film actor in his place. Seth these days is mainly known for voice work and other aspects of production, and even when he did film more actively, he was hardly the biggest selling point. Which is a shame, because aside from voicing Joker, I think he looks enough like the character that they could get away with it.

    The funny thing is, before I finished Mass Effect 2, I imagined that the movie would have some scene that ended up being similar to Joker’s late in the game, something that would involve featuring him in some way, thus the need for a more “prominent” actor. I wonder if I became more right or less right after seeing it.

    Well, who knows how it’ll come out. I suppose one can always coin the joke directed at the then-unrealized Avatar: The Last Airbender movie: “at least the effects were neat.”

    • I can agree: they probably didn’t need to make this about Shepard at all and I also found myself wondering about how much input BioWare had into this project.

      As far as male v. female Shepard: look at Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Alien or even that recent movie with zombies in Scotland: I’m not asking necessarily for a strong, GOOD female character, I know that is often too much to ask for. But I think having hot female warriors in movies is just as much of a trend as having male warriors, and I would think it would be a bigger draw than yet ANOTHER random male lead. Of course, that’s assuming this will even be an action movie instead of a thriller or drama or something. I’m just saying that hot action chicks are a crowd draw. And with the HUGE fan love for FemShep from both male and female gamers, it just seems like it would be the more popular choice for getting people in the theater.

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