Mass Effect 3 – Say a Command

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference, they announced that ME3 will include Kinect voice support. My money was on using the Kinect as a gun. This is, in my opinion, a pretty strange choice, since players can already use mics on Xbox 360. >_>

So, how exactly will they use the voice support? Well, it gets even stranger, because you will use it to pick a command on the dialogue wheel (can you say lazy? lol). They suggest you will also be able to use it to tell your squad where to go and which moves to use.

Not that part might be a bit more useful, since, if they do it right, you wont have to pause the game to tell a squadmate to do something. You can just yell “Overpower!” while you hit the other husks with your submachine gun…I’m sorry, I’m just imagining how intense it is going to get in my living room if I get a Kinect for this game, LOL. Probably not a healthy environment for my cats.

Click here for the video. And here for another video of a run-through.

ME3 is set to come out next year.

For more info on ME3, check out my previous posts.

Because it made me laugh. That’s why.

2 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 – Say a Command

  1. I feel like they made a smart move keeping it to dialogue/micromanaging only. Micromanaging especially, since it’s one less thing to worry about pausing to command people to do what you need them to do. The controller will ALWAYS be tighter in terms of…well, controlling. I wouldn’t trust Kinect in an insanity-level tight situation in terms of aiming and shooting.

    Did you see the Tom Clancy demo earlier on? It has firing support and it was hysterical watching the guy pretend to shoot the gun for the game.

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