Cross Platforms – I’ve Been Wondering when this Would Happen!

I just never expected it to be with Spyro, of all things!

Just read a report on NowGamer that Activision is going to offer gamers the first-ever cross platform gameplay experience with…Spyro Adventures.


Spryo Adventures will be playable across the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and other mobile devices, Windows PC, and the web, according to Activision’s press release.

They stole my idea! (that I’m sure everyone else had too)

Basically, the idea is what I have been telling my friends that I want for RPGs for years. Take Spyro on the go and level him up while you’re at the doctor’s office.

Now I like Spyro, so I’m excited about this (if they actually make it work) but I am mad that Spyro, of all games, is going to be the first to utilize this. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to dungeon crawl or build up XP while doing something boring, like waiting somewhere or sitting on a bus, then going home and getting to play with that new leveled character, instead of having to waste time at home grinding?

Spyro and the Toys?

Anyway, back to Spyro’s Adventure, it gets even weirder. Apparently, learning about “The Internet of Things” in my Information Systems class was useful, because it is happening! The game will involve ACTUAL TOYS that you buy and then “transport” into the game via a “portal” (anyone else think this is vaguely creepy?).

Also, the story is written by two of the writers for the original Toy Story movie, Alek Sokolow and Joel Cohen.


Now when people use the word “innovative” (like Activision’s use of the word for the three new Call of Duty titles it just announced), they usually use it wrong. But in this case, Activision, you are correct. This is crazy…so crazy it just might work!

I don’t think this will be my kind of game, but I’m very interested to see other studios hop on the bandwagaon of interconnected consoles…especially with RPGs!

Get in the Portal! Ooh, maybe I can send my Piccolo doll too…

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