Ryu is Back, But Different – Ninja Gaiden 3

Interesting article about Ninja Gaiden 3 on IGN.

According to IGN, the new NG will have

  • New ninja moves
  • Combat will not be slice-em-up
  • Quick time events
  • Possibly easier than the previous two


New Ninja Moves

I’m not against changing up moves, so switching from a roll to a slide doesn’t raise my hackles any. In fact, it sounds more useful and “ninja-esque” than the roll was.

Now, on the other hand, magically being able to glide is probably going to make me write a strongly-worded letter to someone. Ryu is a ninja…I know there were some strange and unbelievable things in the first two, but making him able to jump off buildings and glide to the ground takes some of the “danger” out of swinging around up on the roofs or near the roofs of buildings. Although, it is possible they could find a way to make the glide only possible in certain situations, so that you can’t just use it as a safety net.

I like the new ability to climb walls with the dagger. Very cool-sounding. The new powers for the demon also sounds interesting.


If this is how the game ends up, and not just how it was for a demo or something…I will be saddened. I love the rolling arms, legs, and heads that used to permeate my battles. It was just so…satisfying. The body parts made it seem like I was really having an impact and not just fighting the putties or something.

Quick Time

I know I am all by myself here, but I hate quick time events. I have the inability to both look at the part of the screen where the button will appear and also watch the action. The only time I don’t mind is when it is a simple finishing move where I only have to press one specific button and then can watch the impact.

The whole watch-and-press-these-buttons-at-the-right-time gig means that I don’t actually get to watch what my moves are doing, and that makes me feel cheated. I like it much better when I can input buttons and THEN see effects afterwards. So, we shall see which type of quick time NG3 will employ.


I guess it would be elitist of me to desire the game to be hard. I definitly found the other Ninja Gaidens to be difficult, which was interesting, but sometimes I would just throw the controller down and walk away for a while. Some folks don’t like that, so I don’t really have a problem with them making the game easier. I’m sure the option to play it on “Hard” will be there for anyone who needs more of a challenge.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am interested, though apprehensive. I will probably just borrow it from someone else to play at first. 😉

One thought on “Ryu is Back, But Different – Ninja Gaiden 3

  1. haha I read what you said about the previous games being difficult…i had moments like that too. I swear NG Black was harder than regular Ninja Gaiden. and the original games for genesis were a bitch!

    also if you hate quick time events, you wouldn’t be able to STAND Heavy Rain lol

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