Mass Effect 3 Delayed Until 2012

Twitter keeps me updated! Just read an article by DeShaun that said ME3 will be delayed until the first quarter in 2012 (as opposed to the 2011 holiday season it was originally slated for).

I must agree with the author of that post; I feel VERY relieved to hear that they are slowing down the pace. You will remember, gentle readers, that I also expressed nervousness about ME3 being anything like DA2, so the fact that they aren’t rushing it is music to my ears.

And PS: STOP with all this bro Shep! I need some female Shepard pics for my blog! Sheesh.

Now if only Bioware will promise me that every dungeon won’t be the same…

4 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Delayed Until 2012

  1. A lot of folks are freaking out about it. However, I’m not worried about it and kind of relieved. Now I don’t have to be torn between Uncharted 3 or ME3 come November. Makes that decision much easier. 🙂

    As we remember, they delayed Portal 2 to polish it up and from what I read it was well worth it. I still haven’t played it yet. Hurry up Gamefly!

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