Bioware Love Machines

Had to share this adorable blog post about the Bioware male characters. I love that she makes reference to Vegeta, because I am also a Vegeta fangirl (but more so a Piccolo fan girl…what can I say, I like ’em green) and it’s nice to see other nerdy girls with anime/video game crushes!

She listed:

  • Garrus
  • Alistair
  • Anders

I keep meaning to tell her that she could just buy the gift pack and win back Alistair’s affections, but she seems to have moved on…

To this guy.


I agree with her about Garrus all the way. Alistair…well…I liked his sense of humor, but physically, he wasn’t my type (Jacob from ME2 was physically my type, if you need a hint).

Why hello, my Nubian King…

But I liked his personality. Plus, I was trying to become Queen of Ferelden. So imagine my dismay upon discovering that elf girls don’t qualify. 😦 So I had to be his side dish. I’m currently playing through as a human noble rogue though, so Alistair, baby, I’m coming!

If it were not for my whole ambition thing, I would have gone with Zevran, who was a hottie mcHotster. Of course, if Sten were romanceable…

Back on Subject…

Anyhoo her last pick, Anders, was not one of my favs. I loved him in Awakening (when he was not romanceable) and then here he is in DA2, romanceable, but a mopey, unfunny, catless, abomination!

I accidentally romanced him, and was rewarded with some WONDERFULLY sappy dialogue (no sarcasm here…it was very fulfilling) but then the plot twisted and I was unhappy (more info would be a SPOILER).

On the other hand, Sebastian was definitely sexy (Scottish brogue, ftw) but sexless (choir boy, ftl) but Fenris was where my heart was.

He looked hideous compared to his character sketch. I think Bioware made all of the elves look much uglier in this game. I understand that they were trying to make them distinct, but elves are supposed to be pretty, not creepy.

But his personality, that strong voice, uncompromising meanness, bad-boy-in-need-of-rescue-from-himself just gets me every time (Jin, I’m looking at you).


Moral of the Story

I’m a nerd who crushes on video game characters.  But I am not alone!

Tell us what you think!

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