DAII Goodies

So apparently, Bioware has released item packs for Dragon Age II. I say apparently, because look though I might, I have found nothing that Bioware did to advertise that fact.

I have to wonder if it is shame for offering such a lame first DLC or if it is because of the PSN being down.

Whichever the case, the add-on pack is labeled “Item Pack #1,” which suggests that there will be more item packs in the future.

The pack includes a weapon and armor for Hawke and items for Hawke’s followers based on their class. I am pretty hopeful about this, because my mage has some ugly armor, and I’m hoping this is about to be rectified!

This looks promising…

In related news (but not really news), they have a lovely little chart if you are trying to collect all of the bonus items (they sure make it hard enough…dang my OCD!).

I guess none of this really matters while the PSN is down…but you can put it on your to-do list!

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