Q&A with Voodoo’s Developers at Brain in the Box!


With Brain in the Box’s upcoming game Voodoo entering closed beta very soon, there are a few questions that those who have been following the title’s development are likely to want answers to. Thankfully, the company’s development team was very happy to answer some questions!

Q: What can we expect from Voodoo‘s closed beta?

BitB: Technically, this is actually more of a closed pre-alpha. We’re calling it our closed beta 1.0 just because it’s simpler and we intend to have sequences where we test various aspects of gameplay. In 1.0, we’re primarily testing our combat system.

Q: Why are you calling it The Izimu Awakening?

BitB: Players who’ve visited our stand at game festivals have already had the opportunity to fight the Izimu. But these were limited fights where the Izimu’s capacity was diminished for the sake of saving time and allowing others to play! Basically, we’re putting the Izimu from the game show demo to sleep and awakening the true Izimu.

Q: How long will the first closed beta last?

BitB: Only a couple of days. The truth is we’ve had some negative feedback about our combat system that we’re trying to get under control. Hopefully the closed beta 1.0 can help us fix this issue and then we’ll move on to 2.0 very quickly. This is where we’ll have the event that most of our fans are waiting for, but we need to lock down the combat system first.


Q: What’s the battlefield going to look like?

BitB: We have much more than our target of 500 gamers signed up for the closed beta 1.0! We’re really excited and grateful for that. However, it’s likely that we’ll only sustain 80-100 players simultaneously on our servers. Server space is really one of our major issues. We’re not 100% sure yet, but we believe the arena for the deathmatch will be somewhere in the beautiful savanna.

Q: What’s this thing you mentioned about “first dwellers?”

BitB: LOL! Well the start of every civilization has its first dwellers. The participants of our closed beta will be Voodoo’s first dwellers and we’re going to make this recognizable in the full version of the game. How? We’re not exactly sure yet, but we believe they’ll let us know!

Voodoo will be coming soon to Steam Early Access and is set for an early 2017 release. Meanwhile, you can visit Brain in the Box’s website to keep up with the development progress!

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