Featherpunk Prime Has Cyber Flamingos and Guns!

It feels like I’ve played my share of platformer/shooters here lately, but Super Hatch Games really has something quirky, futuristic, and fun in the guise of Featherpunk Prime. Featherpunk just released on Steam today and it really offers a strangely-unique gameplay experience.

In Featherpunk Prime, you take the role of a cyborg flamingo who sets off on a gun-toting platform adventure to rescue his flamingo friends who have been taken hostage by the evil Cybirdroids. The game is a side-scrolling twinstick shooter that keeps you on the edge of your seat with the difficult situations it tosses at you, and while the game isn’t really a roguelike, if you get defeated without completing a “sector” of the Cybirdroid Tower, you’ll have to play through the sector again from the beginning.

I really thought this game had a unique soundtrack as I was playing it, and I also really dig the art style here. It has this 1980s sci-fi sort of look to it, with dark and neon colors mashing together to make a vivid world for you to explore.

The game is available for just $9.99. I think the asking price is totally fair given the fun you’ll have with this one!

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