Her Universe Athletic Line Review


Her Universe, the nerdy fashion empire created by Ashley Eckstein, recently released an athletic line available at Kohl’s website and its stores. The lines released at this time are Iron Man-, Captain America-, and Black Widow-themed.


I decided to purchase some of the items. I bought the Captain America crossback tank top, sports bra, and leggings. I do the high-intensity sport of boxing three times a week. Let’s start with the pros in the line: all three items purchased were soft – they felt almost like silk! – and were made of stretchy material; after an hour of boxing, the sweat stayed insulated in the clothes. The clothing is true to size. Another pro is the price: at the time of purchase, the leggings were $25, the tank was $21, and the bra was $21. The prices are cheaper than other athletic lines, such as Lululemon, and you’ll still look stylish exercising. The tank and the leggings worked well for boxing.


Now for the biggest con: the bra. The bras work fine if you’re doing exercise like Pilates or yoga. But for boxing, it didn’t offer enough support. Yes, it’s a cute bra, but I’ll need to wear another bra under it for enough support. The bra’s padding is faulty, and is something that will hopefully be improved in future athletic lines by Her Universe.


Overall, I was happy with the purchase, and can’t wait to see future lines, hopefully one inspired by Star Wars. It’s an awesome, cost-effective way to exercise, while still showing my nerdy side. And yes, I’m Team Captain America.


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