Gaming Goddess Podcast S9 E11: The Dreaded Copyright Fight

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This time around on the podcast, I take an episode to go on a bit of a monologue and discuss a recent issue that’s really been bugging me: YouTube’s (poor) copyright enforcement.

I recently had an issue with an older video of a Mega Man fan game getting a copyright claim made against it, stating that the game contained music from some kind of techno remix that sampled a theme from Duck Tales on the NES. The struggle there (and my eventual decision to just go ahead and remove the video) struck me as something that a lot of YouTubers must be having trouble with. Moreover, I discuss how these copyright trolls ruin a good thing for all involved (especially in cases like mine, where the content creator just decides to remove the “offending video”), and how this problem more than likely hurts small-to-mid level channels more than the big ones, because the big ones have the benefit of larger incomes, network membership, and legal teams to help fend off such attacks.

To me, it’s an interesting and very relevant topic, but one I sincerely wish we didn’t have to go on about.

I also mention how I’ll be taking a week off from the podcast near the end, but rest assured, Season 9 will continue after that!

As always, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and you can get the latest episode’s MP3 directly here.

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