Revisiting Donkey Kong Country with Awesome HD Quality!

When it comes to the Super Nintendo, Donkey Kong Country is regarded as a pretty amazing entry for the platform. Back when it debuted in 1994, the graphics were pretty astounding for a 16-bit platform, featuring a 32 Megabit cartridge with pre-rendered environments and character models resembling claymation. Add to that the pretty rockin’ soundtrack, and you had the recipe for a great game in the making.

Back then, I loved that the game took the classic Donkey Kong idea and brought it to life as its own story, no longer about Mario but about Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and their family and friends and their struggle against the reptilian King K. Rool and his followers, who stole the Kongs’ huge banana horde. The gameplay was fun and challenging, and even after you beat the main game, you could come back and try to find all the hidden secrets.

In this video, I play through the Kongo Jungle, Monkey Mines, Vine Valley, and Gorilla Glacier regions of the game and have a lot of nostalgic fun doing it. Yet, I also encounter some frustrating parts (that mine cart stage…ugh! And that first snowy mountain area? Yuck!), but manage to push through and keep my spirits up. It’s a fun journey, and I’m confident I’ll finish it here before long!

So, I hope you enjoy this new video, and please subscribe and stick around – more fun is on the way!

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