Crazy Bosses and More in Felghana’s Valestein Castle!

This video, despite not being as long as I initially thought it would be when recording it, actually covers a ton of ground in Ys: The Oath in Felghana.

We’d recently made our way into Valestein Castle, the stronghold of Count McGuire, and realized that most all of the denizens had been driven mad by some evil fog that Chester had released into the fortress. The enemies are tough, and the castle itself is maze-like, but there’s a lot of neat goodies to be found along the way. We defeated the boss in the East Wing last time, and so now our journey picks up with some new areas being open to us. As with the previous areas, this one has a lot of options on where to go, and we get some nice equipment upgrades and stockpiles of Ravel Ore as a thanks for exploration.

The first boss encountered is Zellfel Zam Schultiger, a demonic dog that puts up a decent fight, but we do manage to best him thanks to a nice level differential. This gives us the final piece needed to complete the Chapel and open a hidden door down to the dungeons. Here, the enemies are much tougher, but leveling up proves fruitful here, because it gives us a nice edge over the mech-armor boss, Zirduros. This boss is supposed to be pretty hard, but with the recommended level being 35 and ours 41, we manage to take it down with no major threat.

As always, there’s a bit of side-questing and stopping in at the town to upgrade our equipment, but now we’ve opened the way into the Clock Tower, where we may finally get to put a stop to Chester’s schemes!

Stay tuned – more awesomeness is coming soon!

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