Zelda: A Link to the Shadows: Tougher Dungeons and A Dark World?!

Recently, I’ve been doing some sample videos of various Zelda Classic fan-made quests, but The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Shadows seems to have stood out a good bit as a game people wanted to see more of, and I definitely have to agree. I like this quest because it takes the classic 8-bit formula and really builds on it, offering gameplay ideas seen later in the series while still keeping within the limits of what feels like an NES title. The dungeons are more complex and laid out much more interestingly, and as I find out in this video, there’s even a Dark World to the game!

We start off at the entrance to Level 3, and we manage to get through it. Doing so yields us the Flippers, which we can use to traverse a lot of areas in the overworld to pick up a couple items we couldn’t get before, as well as reach a part of the overworld that was previously cut off to us. It’s here that we find Level 4. Yet before heading there, I have to do a little research to discover where the White Sword is hidden and then seek it out. It’s actually pretty well-hidden, and the clue that we paid for is super vague about it. Thankfully, people were nice on the Pure ZC forums and posted the information, so it wasn’t all that bad 🙂 I also buy the Blue Ring from a store near Level 3 that sells it for a reduced price, and that does prove very helpful to us in our coming adventures.

Level 4 is fairly complex but yields us the Magic Hammer – an item which at this point has the same attack level as the Magic Sword and thus is super useful to us. Then, by accident, I step into a portal that takes us into the Dark World!

What happens next, though, you’ll just have to watch to find out 🙂

Stay tuned – I do plan to finish this game in the future. Also, more fun stuff is on the way!

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