Toren – A Timeless Tale & Beautiful Indie Adventure

Toren is an indie adventure game that’s received a fair bit of hype surrounding its development and release. Many critics were very excited about it in the months leading up to its launch because of the similarities and inspirations it took from games like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. On top of that, the game is the debut of Brazilian studio Swordtales and was produced with money from the people of Brazil itself, so the game had a lot riding on it.

It was released in May of 2015 and has received mostly positive reviews. One thing about it, though, is that it’s a short game: the average player will be able to complete it within two to three hours and likely get most of the achievements along the way. For a game that costs $12.99, this might seem pretty steep, although I know I’ve already talked about this before when discussing Funcom’s The Park, which had a similar “issue.” The bottom line is that you’re paying for what you might consider a cinematic experience, and with this game, there’s still some replay value to it, so it’s not a hopeless endeavor. Also, the game goes on sale or is included with bundle deals, so if you hold out a little you can likely get it for a good price.

I enjoyed what I played of it, so I wanted to share that experience with you all. So, this video here is the first in a two-part feature of the game. Yes, spoilers do abound, but because the game is so meditative and experiential, I think it will make for a good viewing experience.

I hope you enjoy this! Don’t worry – part 2 will be ready before long! 🙂

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